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Adoption Resources Guide

There are many resources available online--almost too many. It can be overwhelming even for me, a certified research geek. I have tried to winnow through this overabundance and have selected what I think are the very best. I hope this helps you on your journey to creating your family.


Adoption Agencies - Choosing
Adoption and the LGBT Community
Adoption Attorneys
Adopting Kids with Special Needs
Adopting Older Children
Adopting Out of Birth Order
Adoption Scam / Adoption Fraud
Adoption Shopping Toys, Announcements, etc.
Adoption Support Groups
Adoption Tax Credit
Advocacy (tax credit, foster care reform)
Affording Adoption
Artificial Twinning/Virtual Twins
Attachment Issues with Adoption
Blended Families: Combining Children by Birth and Adoption
Blogs about Adoption
Breastfeeding and Adoption & Surrogacy
Cost of Adoption in the US
Cultural Awareness/ Homeland Tours / Birth Culture
Domestic Adoption
Domestic Adoption - Finding Prospective Birth Mothers
Embryo Donation/Adoption
Facebook/Internet and the Adopted Child
Famous Adoptees
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Finding an Adoption Doctor/ Therapist
Foster Care Adoption
Giving Back
How Old is Too Old to Become a Parent
International Adoption
Korean Adoption-How to find a US agency
Language Development in Internationally Adopted Children
Medical Issues for International Adoption
Open Adoption
Potty Training
Parenting After Infertility
Reluctant Spouse or Grandparents
Resources to Help Birth Families Explain Adoption
School Issues for Adopted Children
Single Parents
Transracial / Multiracial Adoption
 Waiting Children 
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