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Where to start for Information on Open Adoption:

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Research on Openness in Adoption:

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General Information and Resources on Open Adoption:

  • Ask The Adoption Expert - Openness in Challenging Situations - Post Adoption Counselor Nina Friedman, LCSW answers the question How do you successfully maintain a relationship if a birthparent is exhibiting unhealthy habits or way of life? You might also check out the Creating a Family show we did on this very topic - Open Adoption in Difficult Birth Parent Situations
  • Openness is Adoption is a bulletin put out by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. It provides an excellent overview of open adoption and related issues.

  • Open Adoption Support: Fantastic resource with info, support groups, discussions, etc.

  • The Open Adoption Experience - A Complete Guide for Adoptive and Birth Families by Lois Ruskai Melina is an authoritative and reassuring guide to the issues and concerns of adoptive and birth families through all stages of the open adoption relationship.

  • State Laws on Adoption: Summary of State laws addressing “Post adoption Contact Agreements Between Birth and Adoptive Families" at Child Welfare Information Gateway.

  • Open adoption is not just an option for domestic adoption. It is possible to have an open adoption with international adoption as well. Here are a few resources to help you open your international adoption and give you food for thought as to the complexities:

    • A Yahoo forum for families that have adopted from Guatemala and have ongoing relationships with birth families.

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Great Blogs on Open Adoption:

Our Adoption Blogs page lists many blogs that deal with open adoption:

And here are some wonderful individual blog posts that deal with open adoption:

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Support for Open Adoption:

  • American Adoption Congress' homepage has a list of local adoption support groups in the US, and internationally.

  • BirthMom Buds is an organization and website that provides peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship for birthmothers.
  • Ohio Birthparent Group is an organization devoted to supporting first parents. Members from the group led a panel about what first moms want adoptive parents to know on our Creating a Family radio show.
  • Open Adoption Support - a list of support groups for families and individuals who support openness in adoption

  • Birth Mother/ First Mother Forum - Written by a fascinating insightful woman.

  • Domestic Adoption support group on Facebook

  • On Your Feet Foundation is dedicated to assisting birth mothers in achieving the personal and financial independence they need to take care of themselves and their families after placing a baby for adoption. They provide peer support and networking, vocational counseling and mentoring and educational grants. There are two locations: one located in Northern California open to birth mothers living in Northern California or who placed a child with a Northern California family, and one located outside of Chicago open to birthmothers living in Illinois and Indiana.

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