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Red Flags for Unethical Adoption Agencies

  1. red flagDoesn’t require parental pre-adoption education.

  2. Doesn’t provide pre-adoption counseling for expectant parents or birth parents.

  3. Doesn’t provide humanitarian aid in the countries where they work.

  4. Requires the bulk of your payment before services are provided.

  5. Is not readily available by phone or doesn’t return your phone calls promptly.

  6. Offers to hold a child for you while you get your paper work ready.

  7. Is hesitant to give you their financial statements.

  8. Discourages you from getting an independent medical review of the referral or match.

  9. Downplays potential problems with the child.  Says “Love will take care of everything.”

  10. Creates a sense of “hurry”. “If you don’t decide by today or tomorrow, you’ll lose out.” (Of course, it is reasonable to ask you to decide within a week or so.)

  11. Promises waiting times or costs that sound too good too be true.

  12. Doesn’t provide post adoption services such as family counseling or birth parent counseling.

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