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Adoption Support Groups



Where to Start

General Adoption Support Groups

Domestic/Foster Adoption Support Groups

International Adoption Support Groups

Where to Start:

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General Adoption Support Groups:

  • Parents Beyond Belief- Secular support group for all things parenting. They have a forum for adoption and for infertility.
  • Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform- provides prospective adoptive parents with information and resources necessary to make an informed decision to adopt. The attached article addresses crises in adoption and provides some great resources.
  • Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Infertility and Adoption Support provides monthly support groups, informational seminars, and social outings for couples with infertility or involved in adoption.

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Domestic/Foster Adoption Support Groups:

  • Families for Private Adoption is an adoption support and education group that advocates for and provides resources for private (non-agency) domestic adoption.
  • Families Like Ours is a support group of adoptive-foster families.
  • STARS (Sharing Transracial Adoption Resources and Support ) Focus is on adopting from foster care, but the resources would apply to all forms of transracial adoption.

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International Adoption Support Groups:

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