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Affording Adoption

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Affording Adoption Resources
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Where to Start for Information on Affording Adoption:

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Affording Adoption Resources:

  • A good place to begin is the Child Welfare Information Gateway, a service of the US Administration for Children and Families. Go to adoption, click on prospective adoptive parents, and then on funding adoption.
  • Dave Ramsey has a terrific free PDF Guide to Budgeting and Saving Money, which has been instrumental for many adoptive parents to save the money necessary for an adoption.
  • is a website run by an adoptive mom with lots of information on all adoption funding options.

  • The mission of the National Adoption Foundation is to provide financial assistance, services and support to families, before, during and after their adoptions are finalized. The Foundation's programs are available to any family whether they are adopting an infant, a child from abroad or a child from foster care.

  • The booklet "How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option" by the National Endowment for Financial Education is available for free from this site.

  • Fundraiser Ideas
  • lists possible adoption grants and fund-raising ideas on the Funding and Benefits page. Do your own research on these possibilities.

  • Resources 4 Adoption is a site dedicated to providing you with up to date adoption financing options. There is a charge for many of these very good resources.
  • Fundraising for Adoption

  • Parenthood for Me provides emotional support, educational tools, and financial support to those adopting or pursuing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to try and conceive.

  • Fertile Dreams provides education, advocacy and grants to couples needing assistance with IVF or adoption.

  • Although not specific to international adoption, the Adoption Exchange Association has the following books available for the cost of postage:

    • How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option
    • You Can Adopt! A Guide for Military Families
  • Lori Luz, over at Write Mind Open Heart came up with the great idea of asking adoption and infertility bloggers to write about the financial implications of Infertility and Adoption. Contributors include adoption and infertility bloggers with a wide range of experiences: those who have followed strict budgets, those who have spared no expense (and gone broke in the process) and those whose lack of funds have prevented them from pursuing their goals. There are international, domestic, and foster adoptive parents. From the infertility side, there are people whose treatments have had access to insurance or governmental coverage and many who have had no coverage whatsoever. Some speak about pursuing treatments internationally, shared risk plans, donor gametes, donor embryos, and surrogacy. In short, they have tried to include the full gamut of experiences regarding “cost.”

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Employment Adoption Benefits:

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