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Blended Families: Combining Kids by Birth and Adoption



Where to Start

Resources on Combining Children by Birth and Adoption

Where to Start for Information on Blended Families:

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Resources on Blended Families: Combining Children by Birth and Adoption:

  • Brothers and Sisters in Adoption by Arleta James. Available from Perspective Press or Amazon. This is a thorough (535 pages!) assessment of issues that may develop and things parents can do when adding a child with a history of past trauma (abuse, neglect, and orphanage living) to a family with existing children. This book does not address the more run of the mill issues that arises when children without significant trauma are adopted.
  • Adoptive Families has a collection of archived articles on deciding to adopt a second (or third...) child, preparing a child to be a brother or sister, fostering strong sibling relationships, parenting blended families, and more.
  • Great place to start for information on introducing adopted children to biological children.

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