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Embryo Donation/Adoption

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Where to Start
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Where to Start for Information on Embryo Donation/Adoption:

  • Other Creating a Family Resources:

    • Check out the suggested books page under Adoption and Infertility. We recommend several books for Parents and for Children that cover the topic of children conceived through embryo donation.

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General Information and Educational Resources:

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Embryo Donation/Adoption Books and Videos:

  • Before You Were Born...Our Wish For A Baby (The Story of Embryo Donation) - by Janice Grimes

  • Embryo Donation and Embryo Adoption: Loving Choices for Christians - by John D. Van Regenmorter, Slyvia A. Van Regenmorter

  • Hope & Will Have a Baby: The Gift of Embryo Donation - by Iréné Celcer

  • A Blessing from Above (Little Golden Book) by Patti Henderson (Author), Elizabeth Edge (Illustrator)

  • A True Story of Embryo Donation & Adoption - A compelling story of two families brought together by their common desire to become parents.

  • Hope Restored by Embryo Adoption - Mike and Stephanie's dreams of starting a family seemed dim after a diagnosis of male infertility factor. But the couple found new hope when they discovered the unique adoption alternative of Embryo Adoption.

  • Embryo Adoption: The Chosen Option - After receiving the diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), most of the options Brian and Debbie explored - from egg donation to international adoption- didn't seem like the right fit for their family. The couple was amazed by the personal control, education and safeguards available using Embryo Donation and Adoption.

  • An Answer to Exhaustive Infertility Search - J.V. and Cathy had visited every fertility specialist in the area, hoping to find a solution to their heartbreak from multiple miscarriages. As it turned out, the answer came in the form of Embryo Donation and Adoption, which enabled the couple to give birth to twin boys!

  • Jimmy and Christine Moore attempting to have a baby with an embryo adoption in 2011. This is a link to a couples embryo donation/adoption journey chronicled via a series of You Tube videos.

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Articles on Embryo Donation/Adoption:

We have tried to avoid articles that are strictly promoting a certain political or philosophical agenda. Nonetheless, some of these articles take a strong position on the morality of creating and destroying embryos for any reason, so keep this in mind if you are easily offended.

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Costs Associated with Embryo Donation/Adoption:

  • Expenses associated with Embryo Adoption range from $6,000 - $17,000 (costs vary by agency, state, and clinic).  The total expenses should average about one-third the cost of a standard in vitro fertilization cycle.
  • The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center has a great FAQ section on Embryo Donation/Adoption, including associated expenses for adopting parents and expenses and legal requirements for donating parents.
  • You may be eligible to take an itemized deduction for personal medical care expenses related to obtaining an embryo paid during the taxable year. Click here for sample information offered by the National Embryo Donation Center.

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Embryo Donation/Adoption Support Groups:

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Great Embryo Donation/Adoption Blogs:

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Creating a Family Sponsors With Embryo Donation/Adoption Programs

Creating a Family is a nonprofit, and as such, we are dependent on the support of our audience and the professional community for support. The following agencies/clinics have chosen to support us and their support allows us to bring you all our resources and radio show/podcast. We truly couldn't do it without them.

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