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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Where to Start
Information and Resources

Where to start:

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Information and Resources on FASD:

  • The F.A.S. Family Resource Institute is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to identify, understand and care for each person with FASD. This website is chock-full of resources for parents, including a newsletter, brochures, and info on the best practices in care of FASD.
  • There is a fetal alcohol and drug research unit at the University of Washington School of Medicine. It's main goals are to conduct research on fetal alcohol and drug effects across the life span, to disseminate information on fetal alcohol and drug effects, to provide consultation for persons of any age thought to be affected by prenatal exposure to alcohol.
  • NTI Upstream publishes two booklets on prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs that may be of interest to prospective adoptive parents.

    • Across the Seas : A Guidebook for Parents Adopting From Overseas ($8.00), provides a structured assessment parents can perform while at the orphanage with the child. This assessment helps parents appraise the child's growth, development and attachment status. Utilizing this information from the beginning to design early intervention strategies, parents are able to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child.
    • Making a Difference ($8.00) This 16-page booklet presents a complete review of what is known about the effects of prenatal alcohol and drug exposure on the infant and child.
  • "The Listening Heart" is an educational documentary that chronicles the day-to-day challenges of children, parents, and families who struggle with the consequences of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The Listening Heart combines parents' insights backed up with scientific information about prenatal alcohol exposure and its effects on intellectual and behavioral development. It is $21.95.
  • The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) is committed to developing and implementing innovative ideas in prevention, education, intervention, and advocacy for FASD.
  • has a good overview of FAS symptoms for each developmental stage.
  • The Family Empowerment Network is a resource, referral, support, and research program serving families affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. This is a great source for information.
  • FAS Community Resource Center provides as much information as you could want on FASD. They also sponsor a wonderful page which includes a comprehensive list of internet resources on FASD.
  • The Stepping Stone Center for Recovery has a short overview of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which you can share with family members or friends who would like to learn more.
  • FAS Help provides resources links for families.
  • The Centers for Disease Control offers a great site with lots of up to date information on FAS and FASDs. They have a section for called what's new that highlights recent findings.
  • Facts About Parenting a Child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder By Teressa Kellerman

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Blogs on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

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FASD Support:

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Image Credit: Regional Prevention Center of Wyandotte County

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