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Hints for Single Parents Preparing an Adoption Profile or Dear Birthmother Letter

The information included on our Finding Prospective Birth Mothers Page about preparing an adoption profile applies to singles, but a prospective single adoptive mother or father has the added burden of showing that they are up to the job of being a single parent.  Make sure your profile includes the following:


  • Describe your support system.  Don’t forget that friends can provide support as well as family.

  • Focus on the stability of your job and your financial ability to raise this child.

  • Who will take care of your child when you are at work?  Describe your childcare arrangements.

  • Explain how you hope to achieve the work/life balance being a single mom or dad. Does your job allow for flexibility? Is your employer family-friendly?

  • Explain why you want to be a mother even though you are not married.

  • Who will be male role models for your child?

  • Do you have single parent role models?

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