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Photolisting of US Kids

  • Children Awaiting Parents is a national non-profit that recruits foster and adoptive parents for special needs children.
  • AdoptUsKids The only national, federally funded photolisting service for children in foster care.  These children are available immediately for adoption. I love this database since you can search based on many characteristics including age and type of special need.
  • State Adoption Exchanges provide information on children waiting for adoption by state.  States vary on how much information they provide on the children.
  • State Adoption Photolisting Services provides pictures and a brief descriptions of the children in that State's foster care system who are available for adoption and waiting for families. Some of these sites are the same as the State Adoption Exchanges, but these show pictures.
  • Heart Galleries In My State  has contacts in each state and links to pictures (if available in the state) of children in all 50 States.
  • Rainbow Kids has a great database that allows you to search for children available world wide for adoption (including the US) by handicapping condition. They list about 50 handicaps and provide information and pictures (when allowed by the birth country).
  • Iowa KidsNet provides information on foster care adoption in the State of Iowa.
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