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Social Networking Do’s and Dont's for Adoption

  • Do post frequently on social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter) so that your name will continue to show up in the News Feeds.

  • Do post videos on YouTube. You can use your webcam, but it is a good idea to ask a friend with a digital video camera to film you.

  • Do include pictures in your posts.

  • Do stay upbeat. If you are having a bad day, don’t post.

  • Do frequently share the link to your adoption website, but don’t make that the subject of all your posts.

  • Do check with your agency or adoption attorney about the laws in your state that apply to advertising for a prospective birth mother.

  • Do ask your social networking friends to share your link throughout their social networks. Take advantage of the synergy of social networking.

  • Do build your network by joining Groups and Pages. For suggestions of groups and fan pages to join, check out the groups Creating a Family has joined. You can simply click on the name and you will be directed to that group or fan page. Link to participate in the groups for commenting and posting.

  • Do ask to join and follow Twitter Lists that are adoption specific. You can go to TLists or Listorius and search for the keyword “adoption”.  An easier way is to ask to be put on Adoption related Twitter lists maintained by Creating a Family. You can then also follow that list as a short cut to following over 1,000 people interested in adoption. 

  • Don’t share specific information about your thoughts on a potential match or meeting with a birth mother. It is private between the two of you, until she gives you permission to share.

  • Don’t vent your frustrations about the adoption journey. You can and will become frustrated over the time, the money, or being passed over by a birth mom. Keep this to yourself.

  • Don’t seem desperate. You are more than just your overwhelming desire to be a parent, and your goal is to share the whole of you. It is OK to share that you are looking forward to being a parent, but balance that with information on you and your full, fun, and satisfying life.

  • Don’t become a victim of an adoption scam. Creating a Family has many resources to help you spot an adoption scam.

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