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Transracial/Multiracial Adoption

transracial adoption, interracial adoption, transcultural adoption

Where to Start

Information and Resources
African Hair Care


Where to start for Information on Transracial/Interracial Adoption:

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General Information and Resources on Adopting Multiracial/Transracial/Interracial Children:

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Videos on Transracial/Multiracial Adoption:

  • A teen transracial adoptee talks about what it’s like to be adopted.
  • If you are considering adopting across racial lines, watch this video. Although the video does not identify the family, I am fairly certain it is Judy Stigger and her son Aaron. Judy was one of my guests on a Creating a Family show on transracial adoption, and Aaron was one of the panelist on the Panel of Adult Transracial Adoptees. If you are wondering if you should adopt transracially, watch this video.
  • Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption is a DVD that features interviews with adult transracial adoptees and adoptive parents. There is also a sequel to the original titled, A Conversation 10 Years Later. These DVDs are produced by the New York State Citizens' Coalition for Children and PhotoSynthesis. For more information call 607-272-4242.
  • Two adult Korean adoptees made a documentary to explore the complexities of adopting across radial and cultural lines. This is a film about international adoption. They chronicle two stories: one family adopting a baby from China and the story of an adult adoptee coming to terms with her sense of abandonment. The film strives to show all sides of transracial transcultural adoption. To see a five minute trailer and to find out about the movie go to Adopted: The Movie.

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African Hair Care:

  • The Natural Haven - Fantastic resource for black hair care. I have finally found another research geek, but she focuses on hair. I love it!! If you have curly hair, or if your child has curly hair, this site is a MUST. She doesn't push natural over treated, but does try to educate you on how to care for black hair. She knows her stuff. How often to wash? Should you use mineral oil? How to avoid damage? Do twists and braids hurt the hair? She covers it all and lets you know the science behind it. She's like the Alton Brown of hair care.

  • Tips and resources for African Hair Care


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Our list of transracial adoption blogs can be found on our Adoption Blogs page.


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