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  • Thinking of Adopting is a great website run by adoptive parents. This site offers adoption related telecourses and webinars, and also sends out a quarterly newsletter via email.
  • Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute - Great resource for information on all types of adoption, including abstracts of research.
  • Adoptive Families magazine the online adoption and parenting guide, has provided trusted adoption information and inspiration to families for over 30 years.
  • Adoption Today magazine - The magazine is buried on this site. To find, click on subscribe.
  • Karen's Adoption Links Phenomenal website by an adoptive mom who is as much of a research geek as I am. She has a couple of things that I've only found at her site, including a cross reference of agencies that place in specific regions of Russia, an orphanage search engine, and links to orphanage addresses and telephone directories for a number of countries.
  • Adoption Advocacy -
    The internet's central website for International Adoptions, Special Needs Adoption and anyone hoping to adopt a child. Waiting Child Photolistings, Attachment articles, Adoption Guide, personal adoption stories, online adoption videos, free children's cultural coloring pages and adoption advocacy materials.
  • Everything for Adoption is a website run by a mom of five; two adopted from Russia.
  • askjaneinchina - A great yahoo group run by an adoptive mom living in China. She answers questions about life and travel in China.
  • Tapestry Books is the go-to place for buying all types of adoption books for kids and adults. Check out their very extensive list, which includes most of the books listed in The Complete Book of International Adoption and on this website.
  • The US government through the Child Welfare Information Gateway provides basic information online about how to adopt, types of adoption, the home study process, financial assistance, laws and policies, characteristics of children who wait for families, and issues unique to various types of families.
  • Ethica is a "a non-profit education, assistance and advocacy group, which seeks to be an impartial voice for ethical adoption practices worldwide." They are a source of balanced information about international adoptions. A while back I reread their position paper on adoptions from Guatemala, and although the paper was written in 2003, it still has relevance today for international adoptions from all countries.
  • Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR) is a grassroots group of adoptive and prospective adoptive parents who have come together to discuss the lack of a unified, respected voice for adoptive families. They are in the process of creating an Adoptive Parent Bill of Rights and in the future hope to create a Consumer Reporting Board for addressing conflicts between agencies and their clients. Check them out for current information on ethical practices in international adoption.
  • Parenthood For Me provides financial and emotional support, and educational tools, to those building families through adoption or medical intervention
  • is a great site for general info on international adoption, but they have a page that I think is terrific with specific information on a whole list of special needs. They include support groups and forums of parents who have already adopted a child with that special need. This is the place where you can really find "been there, done that" information.
  • is an adoption resource guide for Canadians considering domestic or international adoption.
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