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Adoption Tax Credit

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Adoption Tax Credit FAQ Page

Where to Start for Information on the Federal Adoption Tax Credit:

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General Information/Educational Resources on the Federal Adoption Tax Credit:

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Other Tax Benefits:

Remember that you will receive tax benefits in the future unrelated to adoption since you can claim this child as a dependent and can also get the child tax credit. Further, you should ask your tax professional about ways to utilize the child care credit and the medical credit.

  • Tax Benefits for Special Needs Adoption
    • The federal government has a program administered by the states to reimburse families for the cost of adopting children with special needs. The program is primarily aimed for families who adopt children from the foster care system, but some states also offer this reimbursement to families adopting special needs kids internationally. Each state has their own rules about when a family must apply, so contact your state early in the adoption process. The North American Council on Adoptable Children has a good summary of each state’s position on this reimbursement. (, click on Adoption Subsidies, click on Fact Sheet, and click on International Adoption Subsidies). They also list the contact person for each state to call for information.

    • The IRS Adoption Tax Credit and Special Needs Adoption Information

    • National Council for Adoption article on TAX BENEFITS FOR ADOPTION: The Adoption Tax Credit has a section on Tax Benefits for Adoption Children with Special Needs and disabilities

  • State Adoption Tax Benefits
    • Many states also provide tax benefits for domestic adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, and special needs adoption. Talk with your tax preparer and the tax office in your state to see if you are eligible for these adoption tax credits, deductions, or other benefits.

    • List of contact information for tax offices in each state.

    • The Child Welfare Information Gateway has a list of who to contact in each state to ask questions concerning adoption. It is not specifically a list for adoption tax benefit questions, but they may know of state specific adoption tax deductions or credits.

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Income taxes are individual and complex. The information provided here is not a substitute for professional financial advice and should not be relied upon without consulting your tax advisor.

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