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Artificial Twinning/Virtual Twins

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Where to Start:

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Information and Resources on Artificial Twinning/Virtual Twins/Forced Twins in Adoption:

  • Artificial Twinning/Virtual Twins Through Adoption is also known as false twinningforced twins, pseudo-twinning, or judicial twins.
  • Great essay in the Motherlode column of the NYT (I Wanted ‘Twins’) by a mom who created artificial or virtual twins by adopting a child from China that was within 9 months of a child already in her home. Beautifully written and covers the issues, both pro and con, well.
  • An honest blog post about the ups and downs of parenting children 2 months apart. Good stuff here.
  • Great, honest assessment of the pros and cons to adopting two children very close in age.
  • Sept. 4, 2008 NYT article In Studies of Virtual Twins, Nature Wins Again based on research by Dr. Nancy Segal, who was interviewed on this topic on the Creating a Family radio show.  
  • Instant Family? A Case Against Artificial Twinning by Patricia Irwin Johnston as promised by the title, this article argues against adopting two unrelated healthy infants at the same time.  It does not address adopting an older child that is the same age as a child already in the family
  • An article by a mom of artificial twins that acknowledges the disadvantages while maintaining that it is possible to do well.
  • Artificial Twinning: This article raises the point of the potential for unscrupulous agencies and facilitators to create fraudulent artificial twins / virtual twins playing in to many adoptive parents desire for an instant family. When an agency or orphanage deceives families and the government in an attempt to pass off unrelated children as biological twins. This is what I want to address today. Fraudulent artificial twinning.

  • Prayers and Casseroles - things you need to know/have/get to survive the first six months of a multiple child adoption is a great handout prepared by a family that has been there and done that.  They provide useful information for parents adopting older children and multiple children at one time. Forced Twins

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Great Blogs by Parents of Artifical Twins/Virtual Twins/Forced Twins:

  • Is There Any Mommy Out There - I love this woman's writing--honest, clear, and at times funny. Her daughter arrived from Haiti at 14 months when her bio son was 12 months. Has two younger children now.
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