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Famous Adoptees

Families have been formed by adoption since the beginning of time.  Alexander the Great was adopted, as was Moses.  Although not all the following were adopted by strangers, they all were touched by adoption or raised by someone other than their biological parents.

•    Jamie Foxx-actor
•    Steve McQueen- actor
•    Melissa Gilbert – actress
•    Tallulah Bankhead-actress
•    Michael Reagan- talk show host
•    Ella Fitzgerald -- singer
•    Deborah Harry -- singer
•    Faith Hill -- singer
•    Eartha Kitt -- singer
•    Sarah McLachlan -- singer
•    Buffy Sainte-Marie – musician
•    Edward Albee- playwright
•    Lucy Maud Montgomery- author
•    Maya Angelou-author
•    Langston Hughes-author
•    James Michener-author
•    Edgar Allen Poe-author
•    Leo Tolstoy- author
•    Toby Dawson- skier
•    Surya Bonaly -- figure skater
•    Peter and Kitty Carruthers -- figure skaters
•    Scott Hamilton -- figure skater
•    Greg Louganis -- diver
•    Dan O'Brien – decathlete
•    Jim Palmer -- baseball player
•    Larry Ellison -- chairman and CEO of Oracle Corporation
•    Steve Jobs -- CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios
•    Tom Monaghan -- founder and CEO of Domino's Pizza
•    Dave Thomas -- founder of Wendy's International
•    John J. Audubon -- naturalist
•    Les Brown -- motivational speaker
•    George Washington Carver -- inventor
•    Lynnette Cole -- Miss USA 2000
•    Faith Daniels -- news anchor
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