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Waiting Children


Creating a Family is an education and support nonprofit, not a placing adoption agency.  We have a heart for children who are harder to place and have included some of those children here.  It is tempting to fall in love with a child and then forget all else in your quest to adopt that child. This is a MISTAKE.  Take the time to learn about the child and his or her special need, the rigors and cost of adopting from that country, and to thoroughly research the agency. We provide a three-step process for selecting an adoption agency. Also, make sure you note the legal disclaimer language at the bottom of this page. We know it sounds like legal mumbo-gumbo, but we include it to make you think carefully before you act.  Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family, but you need to do your homework first.


For more info on adopting a child with special needs go to the Creating a Family Special Need adoption page. For info on adopting an older child, go to the Creating a Family Older Child Adoption page. For a great discussion of specific types of special needs, go to the Rainbow Kids Special Needs page.


 Waiting Child - Ozzie

"Ozzie" - Asia 

Ozzie was born in 2006.  He has severe mental development disorder and Cerebral PalsyOzzie is outgoing, active and always smilingHe enjoys being part of the group and having the attention of his caregivers. He is fond of watching cartoons and imitating people’s actions from it. His teacher taught him a poem from a popular video in China and now Ozzie knows the entire song with dance movements. He is clever, and has strong understanding ability. He is able to understand adult’s instructions and can finish what he is doing according to teacher’s requirement. His fingers are more and more flexible. He can hold a pen in a hand, and write numbers from 1 to 10. In the class of fine motor, he is able to wear the beads correctly and skillfully; he also can play puzzles well; when having a meal, he can use the spoon to have a meal. Sometimes, he would remind the teacher to put on the bib for him in order to make the clothes dirty; so, he has developed good meals habits. Now he can go to toilet without help, with hands holding the door and taking off his trousers. His self-care ability is better and better. He likes to play with children. He has outgoing personality and gets along well with children. By the rehabilitation training, he can walk by the walking aid, and can control the walking aid more and more flexible.

Video of Ozzie: 

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!  


Waiting Child - Taisha

"Taisha" - Asia 

Taisha was born in 2006. She has been diagnosed with PhenylketonuriaTaisha has been through an adoptive dissolution while still in China. It has taken time to get her legally untangled and eligible for a new placement.  She was found and admitted to her CWI when she was approximately 20 months old. At the time of admission, she was weak lower legs and delayed in her muscle development. At her intake physical examination she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy but that diagnosis is not found on her medical reports and she currently walks, runs, and attends school. Subsequent lab work diagnosed her with PKU. Taisha is a cheerful and gregarious little girl who is ready to move forward to a family of her own. She likes listening to music. Whenever she hears music she gets very excited. She is eating and drinking independently and able to independently take off clothes , make her bed, and pick up her toy box.

Watch Taisha’s video here:

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!  


Waiting Child - Shannon 

"Shannon" - Asia 

Shannon was born in 2011.  She has visual impairment (low vision). 
She was previously thought to have strabismus, but adequate vision. However, as she has grown from her infancy into toddlerhood it has become more apparent that she has much more limited vision. She was recently met by CHI staff in July 2014 where it was determined that Shannon can see light. How much more she can see is not clear and will require a specialized pediatric eye evaluation. She has developmental delays but it is uncertain if this is due to much weaker vision than earlier thought. Shannon is now 3 years old and has a contented personality. She is quiet, fond of playing with toys, has good physical development and is well-balanced. 

Watch Shannon's video here (2014):

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!  



 Waiting Child Darran

"Darran" - Asia 

Darran was born in July of 2009.  He has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and developmental delays.  He is a gregarious and well liked boy.  He is creative and likes to play games of imagination with his friends.  He also likes toys and balls.  He currently lives with a foster family and is close with them. 

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!  

 Waiting Child Jackman

"Jackman" - Asia

Jackman was born in July 2003.  He is congenital deaf and mute.  He recently met with CHI staff on 4/25/2014.  He is an especially engaging and confident boy who told the team he wished to be adopted by a family.  Jackman currently attends the school for the deaf in his city and boards there from Monday to Fridays and returns to his Children’s Welfare Institution for the weekends.  He communicates with the CWI staff mainly through writing.  He will need a family fluent in American Sign Language.  Jackman is truly an amazing child who has found how to succeed even faced with many challenges in his young life.  Imagine what he can do with a family cheering him on! 

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child! 

Waiting Child Hagan 

"Hagan" - Asia

Hagan was born in May of 2006. His special needs include: amyotrophia of left lower limb, decrease of left muscular tension, abnormal function of left limbs, poor motion.  Hagan has been living in the orphanage since May of 2012. He has a ready smile and is talkative. He likes playing with other children, enjoys outdoor activities, and his teachers are fond of him. He can take good care of himself and does things independently. But he is mentally delayed compared to other children his age. His present physical state: left foot he uses toes to walk, can use left hand to hold things, but he can not use left hand to get things on his own initiative. He was diagnosed as: hemiplegic paralysis of left side. Hagan had an MRI check that shows the following: 1. right basal ganglia region encephalomalacia with the right angular of skull becomes mild thin (disus); 2. inflammatory change of complete set of Mucous membrane of accessory sinus. 

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child! 


waiting child Brett

"Brett" - Eastern Europe

Brett is a charming and engaging 5 year old boy who is in need of a forever family. Although this is clearly an older picture of this child, this is unfortunately the latest picture available at this time. Brett has some long-term medical, mental and emotional needs. Orphanage workers describe him as kind, caring, happy, and loving. 

For more information on Brett, or to inquire about any other waiting children please email or visit


waiting child David

"David" - Eastern Europe

David is an engaging and sweet 10 year old boy who is in need of a forever family. Although this is clearly an older picture of this child, this is unfortunately the latest picture available at this time. David has many needs that will likely require long-term care. He is described as endearing, calm and loving. 

For more information on David, or to inquire about any other waiting children, please email or visit


"Fiona" - Eastern Europe

Fiona is a bright and charming 8 year old little girl in need of a forever family. Although this is clearly an older picture of this child, this is unfortunately the latest picture available at this time. Fiona has many special needs and will need a family with patience and ability to support her long-term. She is described as a sensitive child who enjoys playing. 

For more information on Fiona or any other waiting children, please email or visit


Waiting Child Bree

“Bree” - Asia

Bree was born in August of 2009.  She is a sweet four year old little girl with Down’s Syndrome. She loves listening to music and playing with her toys. She is in the loving care of a foster family but needs the love and security of a permanent family. Requirements for Adopting Families - Parental age: 30-55 / Single Parent Eligible: Yes

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!


Waiting child addie

“Addie” - No longer available - A Forever Family has been found for this special little girl.

Addie was born in the summer of 2010.  She is a bright and precious three-year-old. Her exact date of birth is unknown because she was found abandoned as a baby with no known relatives. She has been in orphanage care since the summer of 2011. Addie has sickle cell disease.  International fees are reduced. Requirements for Adopting Families -  Parental age: 25 & Up / Single Parent Eligible: No

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!


Waiting Child Steven

“Steven” -  Eastern Europe

Steven was born in March 2004 and diagnosed with arthrogryposis (stiff joints and abnormally developed muscles), bilateral club feet, and dislocated hips. For more information on arthrogyposis visit the Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc website.

Steven walks independently. He is a sociable and smart boy who attends school, communicates well, and is kind to other children. Additional photos, videos and reports are available upon request. 

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!


waiting child

“Penelope”-  Eastern Europe

Penelope was born in June of 2012 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephaly (abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within cavities of the brain called ventricles). She has already received two shunts. Her caretakers have noticed she is a little restless again lately, so they feel that something may be wrong with her shunting again. So, she will soon be taken to the doctor for follow up. We are gathering more information on Penelope and hope to have updates soon. Additional photos and videos available upon request. For more information on hydrocephaly visit the Hydrocephalus Association website.

Update April 2013: Penelope had a new shunt in January of 2013 and in March they did revision of that shunt. She is currently doing very well; reacting to her surroundings, playing with her hands and with toys, and making little noises. She is able to grasp little toys and hold them as well. It is very hard to make her smile, as she is a serious little girl. Her caretakers report that Penelope is very sensitive and you have to be very gentle with her. If you raise your voice just a little she will start to cry. Her caretakers think that it is hard to make her smile due to her experience of multiple medical procedures at the hospital - she is very cautious.

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!


waiting child

“Bethany”-  Eastern Europe

Bethany was born in July of 2012 with Spina Bifida (the spinal column does not close all of the way). She currently has good head control, can roll with help, sits independently for a few seconds, actively moves her upper extremities, grasps objects, can bring objects to her mouth and move objects from one hand to the other. She currently has no movement in her lower extremities. She is described as a very sociable, friendly and cheerful little girl. She smiles, laughs and babbles. Bethany likes to be held most of the time. She is beginning to understand some simple requests like, “come to me”. Additional photos, videos and medical information available upon request. For more information on Spina Bifida visit the Spina Bifida website.

Update April 2013: Bethany is already trying to lift her up. She always smiles, very lovely sociable girl. She plays with toys. In March she had a sonography and it was determined that she does not need a shunt. She also received new braces in March. It is not yet clear if she will be able to walk in future.

Update June 2013: Bethany’s head is developed and she cannot roll over yet, but is trying. She actively plays with toys but loves being held. She smiles constantly and seeks out attention often. She is very sweet and friendly. She eats and sleeps well.

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!


waiting child

“Laura”-  Eastern Europe

Laura was born in November of 2009. She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and was seen by a cardiologist in December 2009. She was found to have an open oval window of diameter without hemodynamic disorders. There has been no further need for cardiologic control. From May 2010 to July 2010, Laura wore an orthesis for her head, due to right sided plagiocephaly. Following this treatment, doctors determined that her head configuration is satisfactory and no further treatment was needed. Laura receives physiotherapy and speech therapy services and has made great progress in a relatively short time! Her caregivers report that she is a sweet girl who likes playing with toys and spending time with other children. Photos and videos available upon request. 

Updates from February & March 2013: Our agency staff representative visited Laura in February and March and our Executive Director visited Laura in February. They provided the following update: Laura is healthy and joyful as usual. She is very active and affectionate. She can entertain herself but likes attention very much. She does not walk yet, but is able to climb up the couch or on the chair or back to the floor. She does not say any words yet. She enjoys listening to music, rocks back and forth to the beat. She has a good appetite! Laura has a best friend in her orphanage and likes to play on her own or with him most of the time. Laura is in a bilingual orphanage, one of which is English, so she is used to hearing English and her native language. We have updated photos available upon request!

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!


waiting child

“Neal”-  Eastern Europe

Neal has wavy brown hair and big, brown eyes. He has been diagnosed with perinatal encephalopathy (brain damage of unknown etiology from the birth trauma or general weakness of the CNS due to birth trauma) and psychomotor development delay. We have reports that his doctor has stated that there is a possibility that Neal may be able to walk in the future, but there are no guarantees. He is able to express himself very well. He is a very kind little boy and is very much loved. Additional photos, video and personal information available upon request. 

Update from January 2013: Our agency staff representative visited Neal in January and provided the following update. Neal speaks, understands the speech addressed to him, and recognizes everybody. He is very articulate, using complex sentences and knows poems and songs by heart. With physical therapy he has acquired better head control and is using his hands more. Therapists are working on his legs as well. With the help of physical therapy his doctors feel he will, little by little, develop his muscles. At this point he can stand for a second, which is big progress. Plus he is very smart and he himself wants to stand, walk and be stronger. It is very touching when he says so. It has only been a year and a half that he has been at the orphanage, and all that period of time they have done therapy, only not so intensive. If an intensive therapy was available for him he would have better progress. Measurements for December: Weight: 14 kg 300 g; Length: 93 cm; Head circumference: 51 cm; Chest circumference: 53 cm

Contact the adoption agency to get more information on this child!

Photolisting of US Kids:

  • Children Awaiting Parents is a national non-profit that recruits foster and adoptive parents for special needs children.  
  • AdoptUsKids The only national, federally funded photolisting service for children in foster care.  These children are available immediately for adoption. I love this database since you can search based on many characteristics including age and type of special need.
  • State Adoption Exchanges provide information on children waiting for adoption by state.  States vary on how much information they provide on the children.
  • State Adoption Photolisting Services provides pictures and a brief descriptions of the children in that State's foster care system who are available for adoption and waiting for families. Some of these sites are the same as the State Adoption Exchanges, but these show pictures.
  • Heart Galleries In My State  has contacts in each state and links to pictures (if available in the state) of children in all 50 States.
  • Rainbow Kids has a great database that allows you to search for children available world wide for adoption (including the US) by handicapping condition. They list about 50 handicaps and provide information and pictures (when allowed by the birth country).
  • Iowa KidsNet provides information on foster care adoption in the State of Iowa.





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