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Books for Kids- Transracial & Black

  • The Lamb-a-roo by Diana Kimpton (ages 2+). A mama kangaroo adopts a lamb. The lamb becomes unhappy about not being able to jump. In the end he finds out that he is loved for who he is and that he also doesn't want his mother to change. The book also has very pretty illustrations.
  • W.I.S.E. Up Powerbook by Marilyn Schoettle (6-teens). Great resource for helping older kids handle personal and general questions about adoption. This one is a must have for parents and kids alike. I used this as a discussion starter to be read to my kids when they were in early to mid elementary school and then left is where they could access it when they were older.
  • Shades Of Black by Sandra and Myles Pinkney (4-8) This great picture book celebrates the diversity of the African American community. It covers different shades of skin and eyes and different hair textures. All are beautiful and all are black.
  • I Love My Hair! by Natasha Tarpley (3-8) Books for Kids- Transracial & BlackFinally a book that celebrates black hair. The young girl and her mom talk about all the possibilities for her hair while they are working through her nightly hair routine. The water colors are beautiful as is the mother-daughter bond. This is not an adoption book, but a very useful addition to your library if you have a black girl.
  • All the Colors of the Earth by Sheila Hamanaka (6-10) This book fills the niche for older kids of color. The artwork is great, and so is the message of the beauty of all skin tones and hair textures. I think sometimes we stop talking about these issues as our children age, but that is when our kids need our support the most.
  • Rainbow Fish to the Rescue and Rainbow Fish and The Big Blue Whale by Marcus Pfister (K-1st Grade) Great books with beautiful images that addresses tolerance of those who are different, or about doing what is right, even if it is not popular.
  • We're Different, We're the Same (4-8) Another great Sesame Street book that shows the ways in which all people are the same, despite obvious physical differences.
  • It's Ok to be Different by Todd Parr (3-6) This book simply shares the message forl us all that it's okay to be different.
  • Whoever You Are by Mem Fox (K-grade 3) This book has a simple message. No matter who we are or what we look like we are all the same.
  • Freedom Summer by Deborah Wiles (ages 4-8) A story about the friendship of two boys, one white and the other African American, during the aftermath of the Civil Right Act.A message of overcoming differences.
  • The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson (ages 5 and up) A story of two girls breaking down barriers of race as they befriend each other.
  • Tomas and the Library Lady by Pat Mora (4-8) Based on the true story of a young boy who started his life as a migrant worker but because of a librarian who inspired his love of books became a chancellor of a university.
  • My Pig Amarillo by Satomi Ichikawa (pre-K-grade 1) The story of two very different friends...a Gutemalan boy and a yellow pig. This story addresses friendship, love, and learning to let go.
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