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25 Factors to Consider When Adopting From Guatemala

Guatemala is currently closed to adoptions to the US.


Current as of December 2009.

As you know, Guatemala shut down to international adoptions to the US on Jan. 1, 2008 due to concerns about corruption and fraud.  It is important to note that it was the US Department of State that stopped processing inter-country adoptions from Guatemala, not Guatemala that decided on their own to stop sending children abroad for adoption.  The US DOS concluded that Guatemala was not in compliance with the Hague Treaty on Intercountry Adoption.  The US became a member of the Hague Treaty on April 1, 2008 and all adoptions between 2 member countries (Guatemala is a member) must be in compliance with the Hague standards.  


In the last 2 years Guatemala has been working on becoming compliant with the standards of the Hague Treaty.  They have established a new governmental entity, the National Council of Adoptions, to process all international adoptions.  However, a representative of the State Department expressed that they had a long way to go on a Creating a Family radio show in May 13, 2009.

On Nov. 19, the Guatemala National Council of Adoptions announced that they would begin a 2-year pilot international adoption program.  This pilot program would seek to place children who are older than 5, sibling groups, or “children with health, mental or emotional issues."  They anticipate placing no more than 200 children a year through this program.  They have stated that they would like to work with no more than four countries to place children through this pilot program and have asked for countries to contact them no later than Dec. 3, 2009 if they are interested in being a part of this program.  From a practical standpoint, what this means is for the US to be a part of this program, the US State Department must apply.  They will not accept applications from adoption agencies.

We don’t know yet whether the State Department has applied to be a part of this pilot program.  To hear what the State Department had to say about the future of adoptions from Guatemala, listen to the Creating a Family show.


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