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25 Factors to Consider When Adopting from Liberia

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Current as of September 2007. This information is subject to change; therefore, check with an agency that places from this country for the most current information.


Parental Age

21 to 60

Length of Marriage

No country requirements, but agency may have limits.


No country requirements, but agency may have limits.   

Children in Family

No restrictions.

Single Applicant

Single women allowed.

Sexual Orientation

Does not knowingly place with homosexuals.

Children Available

Infants to teens.  Healthy babies and toddlers up to age 4 are rare.  Majority of kids being referred are part of siblings groups.




Boys and girls; parents may request gender

Adopting more than one unrelated child at same time


Travel in Country

One trip of 3-7 days; only one parent must travel; parents do not travel in groups; child can be escorted and some agencies prefer that child be escorted.

Referral Method

Standard; orphanage director or agency matches referral to families

Wait for referral (after dossier submitted)

For infant -12+ months

Age 4 + 1-3 months


Wait after referral

3-6 months

Approximate Cost

$7,000- $14,000 + travel or escort fee

Adequacy of medical reports

Not enough placements to get a consensus from IA doctors interviewed, but agencies report that little information on health or background is included in the report.

Youngest Age Upon Arrival Home

Not many babies; average age 5+

Orphanage/Foster Care

Privately run orphanage or large foster homes

How children enter government care

Relinquishment of rights due to poverty, war, and single motherhood

Prevalence of FAS

Not enough placements to get a consensus from IA doctors interviewed, but historically drinking by pregnant women is not common.




Number of children placed in the US 2004- 2006

Liberia did not make the list of top 20 placing countries until 2004; 621 children were placed from 2004 to 2006.



Post Adoption Reports

3, 6, 12 months the first year prepared by home study provider.  Parent prepared reports required annually until the child is 18.

Hague Treaty


Additional Information

Adoptions finalized in Liberia but unless both parents have seen the child prior to the adoption, the child must be readopted in the US.

Children speak accented English.

The US State Department periodically issues travel warnings for travel to Liberia. Go to to check the current status.

Ages of the children are usually an approximation since birth dates are seldom available.

Useful Links

US Department of State, click on Children & Family, click on Country-Specific Information

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