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25 Factors to Consider When Adopting from Taiwan


 Also available in a printable version

Current as of June 2008. This information is subject to change; therefore, check with an agency that places from this country for the most current information.  Also available in a printable version.


Parental Age

30 to 45 preferred, but some flexibility especially if one parent is within the age range.  Some agencies say 25-55.

Length of Marriage

Vary by orphanage; most require 5 years


No official restriction, but multiple divorces may cause problems.

Children in Family

Prefer smaller families, but flexible since birth mothers usually have the option to choose the family that they want to adopt their child, and some birth mothers prefer a family with children.  Usually larger families are chosen to adopt children with special needs.

Single Applicant

Some orphanages may allow single women, but in practice single women are seldom allowed to adopt a healthy infant; may possibly be considered for a child with special needs or over the age of 7 or 8.

Sexual Orientation

Does not knowingly place with homosexuals.

Children Available

Newborn or less than 1-3 months on referral; older children, sibling groups, and children with special needs also available.




Boys and girls; gender selection allowed. Usually a shorter wait for boys.

Adopting more than one unrelated child at same time

No set policy but in practice does not happen unless there are special circumstance where it is better for 2 children to be placed together, such  as children raised in the same foster home.

Referral Method

Usually information on several families is shown to the birth mother and she selects the parents she wants to adopt her child; information on the child is then sent to the family.  Some orphanages prefer to match and then present information to birth mother for permission before the family is notified, and some birth mothers prefer the orphanage to match.  Some orphanages prefer to not send a picture until after the adoptive parents accept the referral.

Travel in Country

1 trip; 4-7 days; only one parent is required to travel; escort may be an option with some Taiwanese programs, but usually only for special circumstance; parents do not usually travel in groups.

Wait for referral (after dossier submitted)

18-24  months for healthy infants boys and girls;

Shorter wait for children with special needs;

If the birth mother/parents choose the family this time frame can vary;

If the orphanage match the infant to the family, the times may be shorter;

Parents only submit part of the dossier before the referral and complete the remaining dossier documents after a referral.

Wait after referral

3-5 months

Approximate Cost

$15,000-20,000 + travel

Adequacy of medical reports

If child is relinquished, birth mother is asked an extensive list of questions on medical history and prenatal care and habits.  Children receive excellent medical care after birth.

Youngest Age Upon Arrival Home

6 months, average closer to 10 months

Orphanage/Foster Care

Privately run orphanages or large foster care

How children enter government care

Relinquished by birth mothers due to stigma against single mothers and lack of financial support; children removed from birth family due to neglect or abuse.

Prevalence of FAS

Birth mothers are asked about alcohol consumption during pregnancy at relinquishment; most report none or minimal use.

Number of children placed in the US 2002- and 2007

Before 2005, Taiwan was not in the top 20 placing countries to the US.  Since then 509 children have been placed in the US.



Stable, but waits are increasing because of the popularity of this program



Post Adoption Reports

Varies by orphanage in Taiwan, but generally post adoption reports with pictures are required quarterly for the first year and then annually for the next six years.  Usually the first and last report required during the first year are prepared by the home study agency, and the second and third report during the first year are prepared by the parents.  All subsequent reports are prepared by the parents. Sometimes birth parents request further reports.

Hague Treaty


Additional Information

Not a government run program. Each orphanage processes adoptions independently. Requirements vary by orphanage.

Although this happens infrequently, a birth mother has the right to change her mind up to the court hearing.  After the court hearing where she relinquishes her parental rights, she has 10 days to change her mind. Adoptive parents do not travel until after this time period. If a birth mother changes her mind, adoptive parents usually are given another referral in a timely manner.

Adoptions are finalized before parents travel to the country to pick up the child.

It may be possible to meet birth mother and for child to search for and meet his birthparents.

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