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Affording Fertility Treatment


Where to Start

Grants for Infertility Treatment
Refunds, Multi-cycle plans, Discounts, and Loans from Infertility Clinics
Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment
Resources for Affording Fertility Treatment
Affording Fertility Treatment FAQ Page

Where to Start for Information on Affording Fertility Treatment:

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Grants for Infertility Treatment:

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Refunds, Multi-cycle plans, Discounts, and Loans from Infertility Clinics:

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Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment:

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Resources for Affording Fertility Treatment:

  • Ferring Pharmaceutical has a good explanation of possible tax deductions, using flexible spending accounts, and alternative forms of payment if you do not have insurance coverage for infertility treatment.
  • Fertility Within Reach provides resources about financial assistance for treatment, as well as how to advocate for yourself and get the treatment you need. It's a good place to stop and rest awhile on your infertility journey.
  • Lori Luz, over at Write Mind Open Heart, came up with the great idea of asking adoption and infertility bloggers to write about the financial implications of Infertility and Adoption. Contributors include adoption and infertility bloggers with a wide range of experiences: those who have followed strict budgets, those who have spared no expense (and gone broke in the process) and those whose lack of funds have prevented them from pursuing their goals. There are international, domestic, and foster adoptive parents. From the infertility side, there are people whose treatments have had access to insurance or governmental coverage and many who have had no coverage whatsoever. Some speak about pursuing treatments internationally, shared risk plans, donor gametes, donor embryos, and surrogacy. In short, they have tried to include the full gamut of experiences regarding “cost.”

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