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Books for Kids - Open Adoption

  • Charli's Super Big Family Tree by Toni Serena (ages 4-8)- Charli is a girl trying to understand where she came from, and learns about her origins through her mother and a letter from her birth mother.
  • Megan's Birthday Tree: A Story about Open Adoption by Laurie Lears (ages 4-8)- When Megan was born, her birth mother Kendra planted a tree and sends a picture of the tree to Megan on her birthday. When Kendra moves, Megan is worried that her first mother will forget her without the tree, but her mother reassures her that she is loved, both by Kendra and her parents. Lears captures perfectly the child's anxiety about being forgotten, as well as her delight when Kendra reveals that even though she does not need a reminder to keep Megan in her heart, she has dug up the tree to replant at her new home.
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