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Educational Adoption Videos by Creating a Family

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Educational Adoption Videos by Creating a Family:


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When the wait or the paperwork have got you down, watch one of these for inspiration. I am partial to videos that are more than just photographs shown with music, so I have weeded through the hundreds of videos and only include the best. Please send me the link to your video. I'd love to post it.

Foster Care Adoption Videos:

  • Listen to kids who were in foster care talk about what it was like the day/night they were removed from their biological parents and what it’s like to be in foster care waiting for a family.
  • Single mom who adopts sibling group of a 15 year old boy and his two younger sisters.. Mom and kids were interviewed separately, and they are all so honest and forthright. The kids talked about when they started to feel like their adopted mom was “mom”. I teared up at the point where the youngest said her mom told her that she was adopted. So well worth the watch. Part 1 Part 2
  • Oh my, this is a tear jerker. It is a family telling a teen that they want to adopt her. It feels so very real. At one point the father says something along the lines that they may not be there after 6 months, but I realized at the end that it was probably an attempt to lighten the mood. He said it before he saw the girl’s reaction to being told that she was going to be adopted. It approaches adoption from a religious viewpoint.
  • News report on CBS Early Show. Families adopting older kids from foster care are interviewed.
  • Adopting Esther. Adopting an 11 month old. There is no information on the details of how an 11 month old became available or how long the process took.
  • Interview with two sisters who are in foster care.
  • NBC Nightly news segment of a family in Louisiana that fostered over 100 children and adopted four. I'm inspired!

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China Adoption Videos:

  • The German Family Adopts Two I really like this high quality video. It shows some footage of picking up the girls on two separate trips, but interspersed are scenes from their life now. There are two scenes that really felt real to me: one where the mom was holding two crying girls shortly after they returned home from the second pickup trip and another scene where the sisters were fighting over a stuffed animal. It could have been at my house.
  • Adopting Chloe- and Adopting Addie- Same family, two different adoptions. These are nice quality videos interspersed with some still pics. Great music. Shows realistic scenes of the first greeting and they are one of the only videos I've seen where they show the physical exam in China.
  • Video of gotcha day in China. Pick up trip from China.
  • Adopting Haylee. This has a nice sense of humor.
  • Adoption Day An actual video complete with all the chaos and noise. This is the real deal--I loved it.
  • Our Journey for Jade - This is a mix of still photos and video. I love the video of meeting Jade for the first time and going through all the paperwork in China. I also like the video of the phone call telling them about their referral. Sweet. I get goose bumps just watching it. It's 15 minutes but I enjoyed every minute. By the way, that has got to be the calmest child I've ever seen!
  • Explaining Adoption to Elise This is not a video, it's a 5 minute audio produced by the Story Corp, associated with National Public Radio. It features the family of Scott Simon, of NPR and Fresh Air fame, and his two daughters adopted from China. The daughter in the podcast is 6 years old and they are talking about adoption.

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Korea Adoption Videos:

  • Video of a couple adopting from Korea. Darn, this was good. I actually got teary eyed watching this. One of the things I loved about this video was that it followed them from the very beginning of their adoption journey to the end when they have their daughter and as she grows up.
  • Ok, this may be unfair to the rest of us who post our adoption videos, since we aren’t Katherine Heigl (actor) and Josh Kelley (musician), but it was just too good to pass up. You must watch this music /adoption video for Josh Kelley’s wonderful song “Only You” about his 3-year-old daughter, Naleigh, adopted from South Korea. Great song and great video. It was directed by mom Heigl.
  • Lauren's forever family day Oh my, this is a sweet one prepared by Lauren's older brother. It is a mix of photos and video and shows a family meeting their daughter at the airport. It's a bit long, but make sure you watch the credits which are cute, and then the photos of Lauren once home which follows the credits.

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Ethiopia Adoption Videos:

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Vietnam Adoption Videos:

  • I like this one because it is an actual video rather than a compilation of still photos. It shows well the first meeting and the giving and receiving ceremony.
  • Embracing Ava. Part 1, Part 2a, Part 2b, Part 3, Part 4, This ia a good one in parts that is an actual video and the music is a change from the standard fare. I think there are actually 10 parts, but I figured the first couple of days were the ones you would find most interesting. But here is one more 8 months later.
  • Adopting twins from Vietnam
  • A journey to Mai

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Russia Adoption Videos:

  • This video showcases the twists and turns of adoption well. The familiy went to adopt a boy from Russia. While visiting, they discovered that he had a sister, who they also decided to adopt.
  • Iliya’s first anniversary home. If this doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will.
  • I tend to prefer videos with video and talking over those with just still pics set to music. This one gets included because even though it doesn’t have any talking, the combination of pictures and video does such a wonderful job of capturing the whole experience. This was uploaded in 2007. Not sure when the actual adoption took place.
  • Vika's Journey Home. This is mostly actual video of meeting Vika.
  • Journey to Russia to adopt Clark.
  • Abuse in Russian orphanage. This video is difficult to watch. All of us who have been enriched by international adoption should continue to support the kids left behind. When the media focuses on the cases of abuse of children adopted internationally, I wish they would also acknowledge the abuse of children left behind. Keep in mind that Russia is not the only country that is guilty of abuse. There is another version of the same video linked above here.

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Taiwan Adoption Videos:

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Khazakhstan Adoption Videos:

  • Part 1, Part 2 These are both really good actual videos. Part 2 includes a video of her court hearing. These are a step above the rest.

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Haiti Adoption Videos:

  • This isn't an adoption video but it is an orphan music video featuring Big Kenny. It is a hauntingly beautiful song set to haunting sights. Cry With You

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Domestic Adoption Videos:

  • This moving video shows open domestic adoption from the birth mother’s perspective.
  • An upbeat video by an adult adoptee who was raised in a closed adoption. She is in reunion with her birth mother.
  • A video made by a first mom and dad about the pregnancy and their love for their child.
  • Birth Fathers/Adoptive Fathers Talk- I loved this video in large part because it shows birth dads and adoptive dads who are so often invisible in the open adoption discussion. Sweet video.
  • This video of a mom, dad, and their early teen son is a little stilted, with the family lined up on a couch talking, but it is worth being included here because of the son’s thoughts on open adoption. It doesn’t seem confused in the least, which is what the research has been showing for years. Kids get it.
  • A teen raised in an open adoption talks about the advantages of open adoption. She is from New Zealand, so some of her references are hard for Americans to understand, but I love her understanding of adoption and open adoption.
  • An interview with a birth mom and dad when they are holding their son for the first time since they placed him for adoption. They talk about their feelings two months out and how much seeing him helped them. The adoptive mom asks the first mom if she resents her. What a cool relationship.
  • I loved this video of the Moore family’s adoption of their second daughter Chapel. Does a good job of covering the feelings of both the first mom and adoptive mom. It is 18 minutes and is professionally produced. . The first part is an announcer introducing the “story”, which I found off-putting, but don’t give up on the video if you also feel this way. Once the announcer stops talking it is a worth viewing. It approaches adoption from a religious viewpoint.
  • Adopting Coco Some videos are simply a cut above the rest and this is one of them. Someone sent me this link and said this video made her day. I know why.

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Embryo Donation/Adoption Videos:

  • Strangfeld Family- I like this video because the Strangfeld's talk about the unknowns and how they chose what embryos to use. I have followed their story and found out that their first attempt did not result in a pregnancy.
  • Janssen family- This family adopted 17 embryos. They conceived their daughter on the first attempt, had a chemical pregnancy on their second attempt. They are trying once again. The Janssens come from a religous prospective.
  • Lancaster embryo adoption story. The story of how the Lancasters became a family.
  • This is an informational video on embryo adoption, not the actual video of a real family.
  • This is a professional video produced by Nightlight Adoption, an agency placing embryos for adoption. It is not a real heavy sales job, but definitely is trying to encourage you to donate your embryos or adopt embryos. Mostly it is pictures of adorable children.
  • A True Story of Embryo Donation & Adoption - A compelling story of two families brought together by their common desire to become parents.
  • Hope Restored by Embryo Adoption - Mike and Stephanie's dreams of starting a family seemed dim after a diagnosis of male infertility factor. But the couple found new hope when they discovered the unique adoption alternative of Embryo Adoption.
  • Embryo Adoption: The Chosen Option - After receiving the diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), most of the options Brian and Debbie explored - from egg donation to international adoption- didn't seem like the right fit for their family. The couple was amazed by the personal control, education and safeguards available using Embryo Donation and Adoption.>
  • An Answer to Exhaustive Infertility Search - J.V. and Cathy had visited every fertility specialist in the area, hoping to find a solution to their heartbreak from multiple miscarriages. As it turned out, the answer came in the form of Embryo Donation and Adoption, which enabled the couple to give birth to twin boys!

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LGBTQ Adoption Videos:

  • Conceiving Family is documentary feature film that follows five gay and lesbian couples as they go through the process of adoption. The trailer is available to view for free, but the full film is only available for purchase on DVD through the website.
  • Preacher's Son. Two dads who've been together for 24 years adopt five African American boys from the foster care system. One of the dads is a minister. Watch this one to understand the meaning of family.
  • All Children-All Families. This 5 minute video is aimed at adoption professionals to encourage them to consider Gay and Lesbian families for children in foster care, but if you are feeling discouraged as a prospective LGBT adoptive family, it is worth watching to give you hope. Every once in a while, it’s nice to preach to the choir.
  • Tristan and Scott, a gay couple and parents of two brothers adopted from foster care, talk about first meeting their boys and answering the questions, such as, "Do you two sleep together?" and "If I call you Dad, how will you know who I'm talking to?"
  • Gay Dads- Three gay Dads from the UK talk about adopting kids from the foster care system.

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Special Needs Adoption Videos:

  • The University of Chicago Adoption Center has series of in-depth videos detailing the adoption process for children with specific special needs, including HIV, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and others.
  • If you are thinking about adopting a child with special needs, this video is a must see. It’s the perfect eye opener on what we mean by special needs.
  • One Year Home- This is a touching video looking back at the first year of adoption for a family. The children are 6 year old twins from Bulgaria, and one child is missing a leg.
  • I love love this video of two from China reading her essay "The Cookie Jar". It is really less about parenting a child with special needs and more about parenting a child who has seemingly insatiable needs, but it is beautifully done and thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Love Without Boundaries, an adoption organization working in China, has several edcational videos about adopting children with specific special needs:

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