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LGBTQ Adoption Videos

LGBTQ Adoption Videos:

  • Conceiving Family is documentary feature film that follows five gay and lesbian couples as they go through the process of adoption. The trailer is available to view for free, but the full film is only available for purchase on DVD through the website.
  • Preacher's Son. Two dads who've been together for 24 years adopt five African American boys from the foster care system. One of the dads is a minister. Watch this one to understand the meaning of family.
  • All Children-All Families. This 5 minute video is aimed at adoption professionals to encourage them to consider Gay and Lesbian families for children in foster care, but if you are feeling discouraged as a prospective LGBT adoptive family, it is worth watching to give you hope. Every once in a while, it’s nice to preach to the choir.
  • Tristan and Scott, a gay couple and parents of two brothers adopted from foster care, talk about first meeting their boys and answering the questions, such as, "Do you two sleep together?" and "If I call you Dad, how will you know who I'm talking to?"
  • Gay Dads- Three gay Dads from the UK talk about adopting kids from the foster care system.
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