A while back we started a semi-regular feature (with more emphasis on the semi, than on the regular) on this blog called EGAD Infertility Day, which stands, of course, for infertility mythsEducate Great Aunt Debbie (as well as the rest of the world) about Infertility.  It’s pronounced Eee Gad, as in the expression of horror or consternation that might be used when your expressions of horror or consternation must by G rated.  Somehow, an expression of horror or consternation just feels right when talking about infertility.  Educating Great Aunt Debbie and the world also feels right. Infertility is bad enough without all the misinformation that exists about this disease.  These myths are not harmless. They serve to isolate and in general make life harder for the infertile.  So, in honor of EGAD Infertility Day, here are my top ten myths about infertility. Please share with your favorite great aunt and add your own myths in the comment section.

Top Ten Myths about Infertility

  1. Just relax.  OK friends, if relaxing were enough to do it, we’d all get pregnant the first month we ditched birth control, bought that really good bottle of wine, and lit the candles.
  2. It’s your fault because _________ (Take your pick: lived the fun life and postponed starting a family, had sex too young, work too much, enjoy sex too much (or is it too little?), are overweight, are underweight, don’t like your sister’s kids, were ambivalent about becoming a mother, etc.)  Fault has no place when talking about a disease.
  3. It’s usually caused by a problem with the woman.  I can’t tell you the number of people I talk with that go through invasive and expensive testing of the woman, only to find out from a simple and cheap sperm analysis that the problem is with the man.
  4. Your Ob/Gyn can handle most fertility problems.  Although your initial consultation and treatment can start with your gynecologist, after 6 months (over 35) or a year (under 35) get yourself to a reproductive endocrinologist.
  5. Infertility treatment is always successful.
  6. Just keep trying, look at ______(fill in the blank with the name of any 40 something actress), she just had twins.
  7. All this “trying” must be fun! *wink*
  8. You are selfish to want to be pregnant or to create a child with your spouse.
  9. Adopt, then you’ll get pregnant.
  10. All these new fangled treatments like donor egg and surrogacy are against nature.  If God wanted you to be a parent, you would get pregnant.

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