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There are so many decisions you have to make when using an alternative path to create your family. Should you continue with infertility treatment or spend your money on adoption. What should you think about before you take the next technology step  up the infertility ladder? What is involved with using donor eggs or sperm?  What criteria should you use when choosing a donor? Should you adopt domestically or internationally? What country should you adopt from? Should you use an attorney or adoption agency to help you adopt? How can you increase the odds of finding a child?  What red flags should you be wary of? What  family building options are available to singles or gays?  Where do you begin? Or, maybe you have already adopted and are wondering if your child’s and family’s adjustment is normal, should you seek help, or how to find help.


You can find many resources to help answer these questions on this website, but sometimes it's helpful to actually talk with someone who knows the terrain. That’s where I can help. As an attorney, writer, and researcher in the areas of adoption and infertility, I have information that can help. Besides, one of the best parts of doing a weekly radio show on adoption and infertility is interviewing leading experts in these fields and asking them the questions I have not been able to find answers to elsewhere. I would love to share this information with you to help make your journey a little easier.


I can help those wrestling with these types of decisions:

  • Stay in infertility treatment or switch to adoption?
  • Move to donor egg, donor sperm, or donor embryo?
  • Mapping out a general infertility plan—how long, how much money, how much technology.
  • Adopt domestically or internationally?
  • Should you consider embryo adoption, and if so where do you begin?
  • What is involved with using a surrogate?
  • What country would be best for you?
  • How to choose an agency? Or an attorney?
  • How to increase your chances or speed up finding a child?
  • How to find a birth mother?
  • Is your child’s adjustment normal?
  • Ideas for how to help your child transition into your family.

I do not have a preconceived idea that adoption is better than continuing treatment, or that international adoption is superior to domestic, or that a specific country is best. My goal is to provide information to help you decide what is best for you, whether that is continuing with infertility treatment, switching to donor eggs,  using a surrogate, adopting domestically, or from China or Colombia, or anywhere in between. In short, I want to help you create YOUR family.


Fees and Charges for Infertility/Adoption Consulting Services


Our charge is $80 per hour.  Email me at dawn @ (delete spaces) or call 828/862-8200 to set up an appointment .


Payment is due in advance of consulting either through a check or via your favorite credit card through paypal. See button below.


I do not provide legal advice.

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