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People who have used egg donation:

Donor Conceived Persons:

Since egg donation is a newer form of infertility treatment, there are no blogs yet by people conceived using donor eggs. The following blogs are written by people conceived by sperm donation. We realize that the issues for children conceived via egg donation may be different, but there will likely be some similarities.

  • Child of a Stranger- Story of an donor conceived adult woman searching for her anonymous sperm donor.

  • Confessions of a Cryokid- Donor conceived adult searching for her biological father.

  • Donated Generation- Donor conceived person (now a father) discussing donor conception practices and searching for his biological family.

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  • A great interview between a mom and her teen daughter about the benefits of early disclosure to your children about their conception through egg donation. If you worry about how your children will take it, you need to watch this video.
  • A lot of parents via egg donation fear hearing their children say the fateful words: "You’re Not My Mother”. This mom through egg donation and her teen daughter talk about how this mother responded when her 5 year old daughter shouted those words in anger.
  • A fantastic video interview with a 16 year old that was conceived through donor egg.

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