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Grants for Infertility Treatment

Where to Start

Grants for Fertility Treatment

Where to Start for Information on Affording Fertility Treatment:

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Grants for Fertility Treatment :

  • Angels of Hope

    • Covers cost of fertility treatment

    • Must be married

    • Preference given to those living within 24 miles of the Morris, Illinois

    • Preference given to those early in the fertility treatment process with a high likelihood of success with treatment

    • Must have financial need

  • BabyQuest Foundation

    • Provides financial assistance for those pursuing IUI, IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy
    • Open to singles, heterosexual, and same-sex couples under 40 years of age
    • Based on need
    • Must have health insurance to cover mother/prenatal care
  • Bumps, Inc.

    • Covers cost of IVF

    • Preference give to childless couples

    • Does not cover cost of medication

    • Selection is based on the compelling nature of an applicants circumstances, their fertility history, financial situation and a number of other determining factors.

  • Cade Foundation

    • $10,000 grant can be used for financing infertility treatment or domestic adoption

    • $50 application fee

    • Grant recipients are expected to participate in fundraising efforts and raise the amount of their award in the years following their grant.

  • The Embracing Hope Grant at Fertile Dreams

    • $10,000 grant

    • Can be used at any infertility clinic

    • Based in part on financial need

    • Eligible couples have health insurance, but their insurance does not cover infertility costs
  • Sharing Hope Financial Assistance Program at Fertile Hope

    • Works with companies to provide discounted banking services and donated medication for cancer patients

    • Eligibilty depends on type of cancer diagnosis, financial need, and must be prior to the beginning of fertility-damaging cancer treatments
  • InterNational Council for Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID)

    • Technically, this is not a grant. Certain infertility clinics have agreed to provide basic IVF coverage for no charge.

    • Recipients have to use the specific clinic, which may require travel.

    • $55 donation to INCIID is required before you apply

    • Applicant must not have insurance that covers fertility treatment

    • Applicants must prove financial need

    • Costs associated with egg or sperm donation or surrogacy are not covered.

    • Preference given to childless couples.

  • The Madeleine Gordon Gift of Life Foundation

    • Married couples with no children together

    • Must live within 15 miles of the I 275 loop around Cincinnati

    • Must not have had a previous IVF attempt

    • Combined family income of less that $70,000

  • New York State Infertility Demonstration Program

    • Must live in New York

    • Subsidizes IVF

  • Pay-It-Forward Foundation
    • Open to couples in states that do not mandate for infertility insurance coverage
    • Meant to help couples who have had failed fertility procedures in the past
    • Gives grants for couple who are pursuing IVF, donor egg IVF, and embryo adoption; military personnel who want to preserve fertility before deployment, and cancer patients who want to preserve fertility before treatment.
  • Sparkles of Life
    • Gives need-based grant to five couples every year to help with IVF costs
    • Based in Texas; pays 1/3 of cost of treatment at Houston Fertility Institute

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