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Ten Snarky Answers to the “When Are you Going to Have Kids” Question

No, you can’t really use these, but you can enjoy the guilty pleasure of giggling while you fantasize about sayingsnarky_answers_to_When_Are_you_Going_to_Have_Kids them. My thanks to the Creating a Family Facebook group for their suggestions.


  1. After being around your kids, we’ve decided to remain childless. ~ Sarah

  2. After spending some time with _______ (spouse’s name) relatives, we’ve decided to not propagate that gene pool. ~ Dawn

  3. I was thinking about it, but then I realized I'd have to quit drinking for at least six months and decided I wasn't ready for that level of commitment.~ Melissa

  4. When my body decides it's tired of having sex, sushi, drugs, and alcohol constantly.~ Marci

  5. I will start having kids when you start having a brain" ~KellyAnne

  6. Have you seen the way your kids behave? Do you think I'd purposely sign up for that? ~KellyAnne

  7. When are you going to stop having them? ~Lora

  8. When men become pregnant. ~ Jocelyn

  9. When you stop asking. ~ Elizabeth

  10. We’re not having much luck and are wondering if we’re doing something wrong. What position do you recommend? How often do you do “it”? Oh yes, and are you pro or against orgasms when trying to get preggers? Wait, before you walk away, do you have a favorite lubricant or do you prefer good ole saliva?


    Image credit: tragicx01

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