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How Old is Too Old to Become a Parent

How Old is Too Old to Become a Parent


Where to Start

Articles and Information

Where to start:

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Articles and Information on Age and Parenting:

  • Sexuality, Reproduction, & Menopause, a publication of the American Soceity for Reproductive Medicine, recently published an article detailing possible impacts having a older parent can have on children, such as fear of parental death, earlier maturity, and having to become a caregiver at young age. It also lists points of discussion that health care and mental health professionals should raise with a potential older parents before pursuing treatment.
  • A well reasoned and optimistic article in Good Housekeeping, Too Old to Be a Mom? Sept. 29, 2000. The article addresses the issues of midlife pregnancy, regardless if your child is joining your family through adoption or Assisted Reproduction Technology. Don't let the date dissuade you from reading the article, the issues have not changed in the intervening years.
  • Are Some Parents Too Old? Dr. Lawrence M. Hinman, an ethics professor, presented this well reasoned discussion at the American Philosophical Association. He dissects the arguments against older parents and concludes that "none of these arguments is sufficient to establish a strong restriction on age per se, and indeed, none of these arguments proves to be genuinely age-based."
  • How Old is Too Old to Become a Mom? : After 67-Year-Old Gives Birth, Fertility Experts Debate the Ethics of In Vitro Fertilization of Older Women by ABD News (Feb. 16, 2007) It may be possible to conceive through assisted reproductive technology in your 50s and 60s, but should you? What are the health risks?
  • Mom at has several good articles in their category called Moms Over 40.
  • Too Old to be a Mom? A video debate between two woman with opposing views. A reproductive endocrinologist versus a 43 year old woman who just gave birth via IVF.
  • Mr Dad: Fatherhood Brings More Risks at 45: Good summary of the advantages and disadvantages of being an older father. The dad’s age does matter.
  • Parents of a Certain Age: Is there anything wrong with being 53 and pregnant?  Fascinating article in New York magazine. Fairly well balanced, although not necessarily in favor of women over 50 having children.

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Support for Older Parents:

  • Mom at Last- This website is meant for any mother who had a long journey to parenthood, but it also has a large section specifically for moms over 40.
  • Motherhood Later Than Sooner is a social network for moms age 35 and up with young children.

  • GAARP: Gracefully Aging Adoptive Refined Parents. Yahoo group at A supportive forum for adoptive or would-be adoptive parents over the age of forty.

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Blogs on Older Parenting:

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