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Adoption and the LGBT Community

Highlights from October 21, 2009 Creating a Family radio show

Our guests included an adoption attorney that does independent domestic adoptions for same sex couples, a adoption agency representative, and a researcher on same sex families and adoption. We talked about statistics on:

  • How many gay and lesbian headed households are raising children
  • How many same sex couples have adopted how many same sex couples are interested in adopting
  • The latest research on how the children and families are faring Are children raised in homosexual households more likely to “become gay”?
  • Are children raised by same sex parents more likely to be teased?
  • Can lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders adopt internationally?
  • Can the LGBT community adopt domestically?
  • Are gays and lesbians less likely to be chosen by birth mothers?
  • Are gay couples more or less likely to be chosen by a birth mother compared to lesbian couples?
  • Can private adoption agencies discriminate against homosexuals?
  • How do you find an adoption agency or adoption attorney that will not discriminate against the LGBT community or has an open attitude?
  • What should you do if you have adopted as a single but want to give the other parent full parental rights?
  • What do we mean by open adoption and who should consider it.

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