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Talking About Infertility: Who, What and When to Tell

Highlights from February 3, 2010 Creating a Family radio show



Should you tell others that you are struggling with trying to conceive? Should you disclose that you are using donor egg or sperm? How much information should you share with your child about his conception? Join our guest Carol Fulwiler Jones, infertility therapist and author of Hopeful Heart Peaceful Mind: Managing Infertility.

  • Why is it hard for some people to talk about their struggles trying to conceive?
  • What to do if one spouse/partner wants to tell others and the other spouse does not?
  • How to handle questions about why you don’t have children or when you are going to have children?
  • How much detail should you share about your infertility treatment?
  • Should you tell people the cause of your infertility? Should you tell that you have male factor infertility?
  • Should you tell people that you are using or have conceived with donor gametes (donor egg or donor sperm)?
  • Should you tell your obstetrician that you conceived with donor egg?
  • Should you tell your child’s pediatrician that she was conceived with donor egg or donor sperm?
  • How do you handle your child’s medical history if you don’t tell?
  • What if the known donor is a family member?
  • Should you share the identity of the known donor?
  • Should you tell your child that he was conceived with donor egg or sperm?

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