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Sperm Donation

Where to Start

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Where to Start for Information on Donor Sperm?

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Books, Articles, and Information on Sperm Donation:

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Sperm Donation Support Resources:

  • For infertile couples using donor sperm, most infertility forums either have a section for male factor or encourage male factor/sperm donation posts in their general forum. Our list of online infertility support groups can be found here.

  • Support resources for single mothers:

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Sperm Donation Blogs:

People who used donor sperm:
  • Out of the Petri Dish . . . Into the Fire- Dad has Klinefelter's Syndrome. They conceived via Donor Sperm and IVF. Their son was born premature in 2011. They would like to try again using their frozen embryos, but for now can’t swing it financially.

  • DI Dad- Father who had two children using donor sperm.

  • Ambition: Motherhood- After three IVFs, and one FET, couple is now pregnant using IUI and donor sperm.

  • Banking on a Family- Severe male factor infertility. Decided on donor sperm rather than IVF/ICSI, but eventually had a child using IVF.

  • DI Family. Couple trying to conceive using IUI and donor sperm.

Sperm Donor Conceived People:
  • Child of a Stranger- Story of an donor conceived adult woman searching for her anonymous sperm donor.

  • Confessions of a Cryokid- Donor conceived adult searching for her biological father.

  • Donated Generation- Donor conceived person (now a father) discussing donor conception practices and searching for his biological family.

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Donor Sperm Videos:

  • This video explains the differences between Intrauterine (IUI) vs. Intracervical (ICI) insemination.
  • A video explaining the different pregnancy rates expected from home insemination (vaginal insemination) and intrauterine insemination can be found here.

  • This video discusses timing of Artificial Insemination and how to use home ovulation predictor kits.

  • Here is a video of a single woman talking about her experience using sperm donation.

  • Donor Unknown | Documentary about Children of a Sperm Donor

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