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Support for the Fertility Challenged

Where to Start

Books, Articles, and Other Resources

Where to start:

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Books, Articles, and Other Information to Support the Fertility Challenged:

  • Online Infertility Support Groups:

    • has a very supportive group named "Trying to Conceive and Infertility"

    • Our friends at Yahoo groups, of course, have a great group titled IVF. This one is particularly active.

    • Stepping Stones - great group, very active

    • Fertile Thoughts has a number of active groups on every conceivable (pardont he pun) topic. Check out this list and join the one/s that fit your circumstances the best.

    • Fertility Friends, based in the UK, has an active forum on a variety of topics.

    • Parents Via Egg Donation has a wonderful website and active forum if egg donation is a possibility.

    • IVF Connections has a million (or maybe just a hundred) different suport forums. I particularly like their index to their groups since it is easy to find the goups that directly pertain to your situation. They also have diferent groups for different countries.

    • Trying to Conceive has a number of support groups.

    • CARE Fertility is the largest infertility treatment provider in the UK. They have very active online fertility forums that you can join even if you are not a patient.

    • Parenthood for Me provides emotional support, educational tools, and financial support to those adopting or pursuing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to try and conceive.

    • Hannah's Prayer offering Christian support for fertility challenges, including infertility or the death of a baby at any time from conception through early infancy.

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