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2009 Radio Shows

Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility and Adoption

Jan 7: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine to Treat Infertility

I will interview Dr Angela C. Wu, author of Fertility Wisdom: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Overcome Infertility, about how Chinese medicine can help you overcome infertility. Highlights from this show.

Jan. 14: Reducing Multiple Births

Multiple births are the dirty secret of infertility treatment. Perhaps most surprising is that most couples starting assisted reproduction prefer twins. Join me when I talk with Dr. Rober Stillman, Dr. Robert Stillman, reproductive endocrinologist and Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and Kelly Damron , mom of IVF twins and author of Tiny Toes. We will talk about the risks of multiples and the advances in assisted reproduction that will reduce the risk of multiple births.

Jan 21: Raising a Child with Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder is hard on kids and hard on parents. Join me for my interview with the ADHD guru, Dr. Edward Hallowell, author of numerous books on ADD, including SuperParenting for ADD and Driven to Distraction. We'll talk about parenting techniques that work with children with ADHD. Highlights from this show.

Jan. 28: Embryo Adoption

For those who are infertile but really want to experience pregnancy, embryo adoption is an option. Join me to find out how to find embryos, how to find a doctor to transfer the embryo, how successful are embryo adoptions, what are the pros and cons, and what are the legal pitfalls.

Feb. 4: Should You Accept This Referral or Birth Mother Match?

Deciding whether to accept the referral or match for a child is the biggest decision an adoptive parent has to make. We will talk with Dr. Dana Johnson, Director of the International Adoption Clinic at the University of Minnesota and Professor of Neonatology, about what factor are red flags, what questions to ask, and how to interpret the scant medical history provided. Highlights from this show

Feb. 11: Are you Ready to Move to Donor Eggs or Sperm?

Donor eggs and sperm are NOT just the next step on the infertility treadmill. It is important to first think through all the issues involved before using donor gametes. My guest is Carol Jones, a therapist with 25 years experience in infertility as well as someone who has walked this path personally.

Feb. 25: Domestic Adoption 101

Everything you wanted to know about domestic adoption, but were afraid to ask. My guest will be Elizabeth Swire Falker, author of The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Adoption. Highlights from this show

March 4: Calling all Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters

My guest will be Melissa Ford, aka “The Stirrup Queen” of the popular blog by the same name. We’ll discuss surviving infertility with our sanity and humor intact.

March 11: Unexplained Miscarriages

Miscarriage is a little understood occurrence in the medical community as well as the general public. Jon Cohen, a biomedical reporter and writer for Science, researched what is known and unknown about repeat unexplained miscarriages in Coming to Term: Uncovering the Truth About Miscarriage.

March 18: Affording Infertility

Like it or not, money drives infertility treatment. Cost affects the what, who and where decisions. Evelina Sterling, author of the new book Budgeting for Infertility, literally wrote the book on what patients can do to lower the cost of infertility treatment.

March 25: Adopting the Older Child

Adopting older children can be rewarding and challenging. What is considered an “older child” for adoption, and how can you tell if a particular child will be able to transition into your family. The answer may surprise you. My guest will be Debbie Riley, Executive Director of The Center for Adoption Support & Education. Highlights from this show

April 1: Corruption in International Adoption

Is international adoption inherently corrupt? Does international adoption have a place in international child welfare? What countries are the most corrupt? What can adoptive parents do to avoid unethical practices in international adoption. Guests Tom DiFilipo, with the Joint Council of International Children’s Services, David Smolin, professor of law and research into ethics of international adoption, and Song Linh, Director of Ethica (an organization promoting ethics in international adoption) will discuss these questions.

April 8: How Old is Too Old to Become a Parent

Age is just a number—or is it? How old is too old to become a parent either through donor egg, donor embryo, or adoption. What is fair to the child, what’s fair to you, what’s fair to your spouse? Psychotherapist Helen Adrienne will discuss the implications of age on parenting.

April 22: The Out of Sync Child : Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing

We will talk with author Carol Kranowitz about this often perplexing and misdiagnosed disorder.

April 29: Fostering and Adopting Children in Foster Care

Over half a million children are in the US foster care system. What does it take to foster or adopt one of them. Join us today to talk with long time foster parent, Kathy Harrison, author of Another Place at the Table. Highlights from this show

May 6: The Big Decisions in Infertility: How far to go, how many to transfer, and when to stop

We may feel powerless in infertility, but once in treatment, there are decisions we have to make. How do patients make these big decisions and what’s important when trying to decide. My guests will be one of the leading researchers in this field, psychologists Dr. Shana Millstein, Professor at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, and Dr. Madeline Licker Feingold, a therapist in private practice specializing in infertility.

May 13: Guatemala One Year Later and what the future holds

My guests will be Wendy Cuellar, Director of the National Council for Adoptions, Guatemala’s Central Adoption Authority; Michelle Bond, US State Department, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Adoptions; Randy Weaver, the Guatemala Director of Orphans Resources International; and Kevin Kreutner, co-founder of Guatadopt, an adoptive parent support group. We will discuss the status of international adoptions from Guatemala, when they might start up again, what are the obstacles, and how can we avoid the problems from the past.

May 20: Fertility Tourism

Fertility treatment is significantly cheaper in some other countries such as Spain, South Africa, and India. Should you go abroad for treatment? Is it safe? How can you find a reputable successful clinic? Join my guests Angie Best-Boss, co-author of Budgeting for Infertility, and Josef Woodman, author of Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody's Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Travel.

May 27: Beyond Time-Out

Parent-child relationships affect child behavior and parental happiness. My guest, clinical psychologist Dr. Beth Grosshans, believes that 50 years of parenting advice—with its emphasis on talking, focusing on self-esteem, and time-outs—has disrupted the balance of family power and is largely to blame for today’s lack of discipline.

June 3: Becoming a Multicultural/Transracial Family Through Adoption

When you adopt across cultural and racial lines, your family and extended family is changed forever by becoming a multicultural family. What can you do to make the transition positive for your child and your family. My guests will be Chris Winston, author of A Euro-American on a Korean Tour at a Thai Restaurant in China, president of the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN), and mother of two adult children adopted from Korea; and Judy Stigger, an adoption therapist, Director of Professional Relations for Adoption Learning Partners, and mother of two African American children adopted domestically. Highlights from this show

June 10: How to Talk With Kids About Adoption

How do you talk about adoption with your young child? When should you start the conversation? Does it matter what you say? Join me and my guest Mary Watkins, author of Talking with Young Children about Adoption. Highlights from this show

June 17: Relationship Between Weight, PCOS and Infertility

What is the relationship between your weight and your fertility? The latest research may surprise you. Does it matter how overweight you are? How much weight do you really need to lose? My guest is Dr. Lubna Pal, a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Professor at Yale University School of Medicine. She specializes in obesity–related reproductive dysfunction and other reproductive endocrine issues including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Highlights from this show / CAF video on Weight, PCOS, and Fertility

June 24: Endometriosis

My guest is Dr. Dan C. Martin, a reproductive endocrinologist, endometriosis researcher, President of the Fertility Institute, and Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Highlights from this show / CAF video on Endometriosis

July 1: Combining Children by Birth and Adoption

How does it work out when you combing kids by birth and adoption in the same family? Does it matter if you adopt out of birth order? Does it make a difference if the adopted child is a baby, toddler, or over the age of six? My guest will be Arleta James, therapist that specializes in adoption and author of Brothers and Sisters in Adoption, and Judy Stigger, an adoption therapist, Director of Professional Relations for Adoption Learning Partners and adoptive mom. Highlights from this show / CAF video on Blended Families

July 8: Surrogacy

Is surrogacy an option for you? How risky is it? How do you find a surrogate? Should you go abroad? How much does it cost? Our guest to discuss surrogacy is attorney Theresa M. Erickson, a nationally recognized expert in Family Formation Law, especially third party reproduction such as surrogacy and egg donation. She is the Founding Director of SARP, Society of Assisted Reproductive Professionals, and she is the lead author of Assisted Reproduction, the Complete Guide to Having a Baby with the Help of a Third Party. Highlights from this show / CAF video on Choices You'll Face When Creating Your Family Through Surrogacy

July 15: Parenting after Infertility

Once you finally get your child, either through infertility treatment or adoption, infertility it over. Right? Unfortunately, infertility can and often does affect how we parent. Highlights from this show / CAF video on Parenting, Adoption, and Pregnancy After Infertility

July 22: Parenting the Adopted Adolescent

Adolescence presents developmental challenges to all kids. How are these challenges different for the adopted child and how can parents help? My guest will be renowned psychotherapist and attachment specialist, Dr. Gregory Keck, whose new book is titled Parenting the Adopted Adolescent. Highlights from this show / CAF video on Parenting Adopted Teens and Tweens

July 29: Future of International Adoptions from China

International adoptions from China have changed dramatically in the last few years. What does the future hold? Who can adopt from China and who should consider it? Our guests will be representatives from the following adoption agencies with long standing adoption programs in China: Children’s Home Society and Family Service, Children’s Hope International, and Chinese Children Adoption International. CAF videos on The Future of International Adoptions in China and Adopting a Child with Special Needs from China

Aug 5: Beyond Culture Camps: How to Help Internationally Adopted Kids Develop Cultural Identity

The buzz for the last 15 years has been about the need for instilling cultural identity in our internationally adopted kids. What does the latest research show. Is it really necessary, and if so, what’s the best way to help our kids develop a sense of cultural identity. Join me and our guests Hollee McGinnis, adult Korean adoptee and researcher with the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute and Dr. Heather Jacobson, Professor of Sociology & Anthropology, and author of Culture Keeping: White Mothers, International Adoption, and the Negotiation of Family Difference. Highlights from this show / CAF video on Cultural Identity and The Internationally Adopted Child

Aug 26: Beyond Consequences

If you suspect your child has reactive attachment disorder, bipolar, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, depression, or if your child acts out and nothing you do seems to help then join us to learn a love-based approach to helping children with severe behaviors. Our guest will be Heather Forbes, therapist, adoptive mom, and author of Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control. Highlights from this show

Sept 2: How to Succeed with Infertility Treatment

Our guest will be Dr. Mark Perloe, Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, Medical Director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, and professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the Medical College of Georgia. We will discuss what you can do to enhance your chances before you start treatment as well as what to do once in treatment to increase your odds of success. CAF video on Increase the Odds of Success with IVF

Sept 9: What 3rd Party Reproduction Can Learn from Adoption

Adoption and third party reproduction, such as donor egg, sperm or embryos, have much in common both create families in which the child is not genetically related to one or both parents. Adoptive families and professionals have walked this road before and have learned some hard lessons that could apply to the 3rd party reproduction community. Our guests to talk about these issues is Adam Pertman, Executive Director of The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, which recently published a study titled “Old Lessons for a New World: Applying Adoption Research and Experience to Assisted Reproductive Technology” and Marna Gatlin, founder and Director of the nonprofit, Parents Via Egg Donation.

Sept 16: Independent Domestic Adoptions

Do you have to use an adoption agency to adopt a baby domestically? Is it faster or easier to do an independent adoption using an adoption attorney? How do you go about adopting independently in the US? Our guests for this show are two of the top adoption attorneys that facilitate independent adoptions: Steven M. Kirsh and Mark McDermott.

Sept 23: Adopting from Africa

What countries in Africa are open for international adoptions? How stable are these countries? How do you adopt from Africa? My guests for this show are representatives from three adoption agencies with long standing programs in various African countries: Wide Horizons for Children, Holt International, and Adoption Advocates International. CAF video on Adopting from Ethiopia and Other African Countries

Sept 30: Switched Embryos and Other IVF Mistakes

Wrong embryos transferred; embryos, eggs and sperm mislabeling embryos lost; wrong sperm used. Mistakes happen and infertility patients need to be prepared. What should you know to protect yourself? Our guests will be Dr Jacob F Mayer, Embryologist at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Dr. Elizabeth Ginsburg, President of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard, and director of the IVF program at Brigham and Women's Hospital; and Jessica Berg, Professor of Law and Biomedical Ethics at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and Associate Director of the Law-Medicine Center. Highlights from this show

Oct 7: Living a Child Free Life

When should you stop infertility treatment. At what point do you decide to simply stop trying for the miracle? What are the life long ramifications with making the decision to live child free? My guests for this show are Pamela Tsigdinos, blogger and author of Silent Sorority and Stephanie Baffone, a therapist who made the decision to live child free after years in infertility treatment and has counseled with many others facing this decision. Highlights from this show

Oct 14: Creating Attachment with Adopted Kids through Lifebooks

Why do you need to prepare a lifebook for your adopted child and how to go about doing it. My guest will be Carrie Kitze, editor of EMK Press and author and editor of numerous books and articles on the subject of lifebooks. Highlights from this show

Oct 21: Adoption and the GLBT Community

Gays and lesbians often find it harder to adopt. We will talk about what options are open to same sex couples, how to find a gay friendly agency, and how to increase the odds of finding a child. Our guest will include an adoption attorney that does independent domestic adoptions for same sex couples, a representative from a public agency that places children from foster care, and a representative from a private agency that places newborns. Highlights from this show / CAF video on Gay Adoption 101

Oct 28: How to Choose a Fertility Specialist

What factors are important when choosing a fertility specialist? How should you interpret the CDC statistics for fertility clinics? Our guest will be Dr. David Adamson, a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, Director of Fertility Physicians of Northern California, Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, and past President of the Society of Reproductive Surgeons (ASRM). Highlights from this show / CAF Video on How to Choose an Infertility Clinic or Doctor

Nov 4: Getting Your Kids to Sleep and Keeping Them There

Sleep is the biggest issue for most parents of kids under that age of 5. Join us today for our interview with parenting expert Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of numerous parenting books including Sleepless in America. Highlights from this show.

Nov 11: Adopting From South Korea

South Korea has long had one of the most stable programs for international adoption to the US. We will discuss how to adopt from South Korea, how to find an agency that will place children in your state, and the future of international adoptions from that country. Our guests will be Susan Cox, an adult Korean adoptee and adoption worker with Holt International Adoption Agency, Nancy Fox, Executive Director of Americans for International Aid and Adoption, and Duk Kyung Um, Korean Program Director for Dillon International. CAF Video on Adopting from South Korea

Nov 18: Coping with the Emotions of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

How do you survive infertility and loss without losing your mind, your marriage, or your friends? Join us to talk with Martha Diamond, a psychologist that specializes in infertility and loss, a survivor of infertility herself, and co-author of Unsung Lullabies: Understanding and Coping with Infertility. Highlights from this show / CAF Video on Infertility Survival Guide for Holidays, Family Gatherings & Baby Showers

Dec 2: Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed

What are the key elements to successful adoptive parenting. Join us for our discussion with Sherrie Eldridge, author of the new book, Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed. Highlights from this show

Dec 9: Nurture vs Nature -- Which Trumps in Parenting

How much are personality traits, temperament, talents, health conditions, mental illness, and intelligence controlled by our genes and how much by our environment? What relevance does this have to us as parents? Our guests will be Dr. Matt McGue, a behavioral and quantitative geneticist and director of the Minnesota Twin Study; and Dr. Kerry Jang, a Professor with the UBC Department of Psychiatry. Highlights from this show

Dec 16: Acupuncture and IVF

Can acupuncture enhance the odds of success with IVF? What does the latest research show? Our guests are two of the leading researchers in the use of acupuncture with IVF: Dr. Paul C Magarelli and Dr Diane Cridennda. Highlights from this show

Dec 23: Love and Infertility

Infertility can affect all the relationships in your life, none more than the relationship with your spouse. How can you balance fertility treatment and marriage and come out with a stronger relationship. Join our guest, Kristen Magnacca, author of Love and Infertility and Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion. Highlights from this show

Dec 30: Health Issues to Consider When Reviewing an Adoption Referral or Potential Match

What conditions should you be concerned about in an adoption referral or a potential match. How can you interpret the information in making this decision. Our guests to talk about medical issues with adopted kids are Dr. Gail Farber, Co-Director International Adoption Health Program at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and an adoptive mom; and Dr. Anne Walker pediatrician specializing in adoption and adoptive mom of three. Highlights from this show




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