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Getting the Most Out of Each Visit to the Infertility Clinic

Highlights from March 31, 2010 Creating a Family radio show


What should you expect when you go to an infertility clinic? How can you make the most of each visit? Join our panel of head nurses at three of the leading infertility clinics in the US. Infertility nurses are, in my not so humble opinion, the unsung heroes of infertility treatment.

  • How do infertility patients get a feel for the infertility nurses at an infertility clinic they are considering?

  • Do most clinics have the same nurse assigned to work with the same patients?

  • Is there an optimal time in a woman’s ovulatory cycle to schedule the first appointment with an IF doctor because of necessary testing that needs to be done at a specific time in the cycle?

  • What’s the best way to handle your questions for your infertility doctor?

  • How should you handle after hours questions?

  • How to read and evaluate the CDC and SART statistics on infertility clinics?

  • What’s the difference between an infertility nurse, an infertility nurse practitioner, and a physician’s assistant?

  • Suggestions for a woman who is afraid of needles but needs infertility treatment.

  • How to find an infertility clinic that is friendly and receptive towards single woman and same sex couples.

  • How can you save money with infertility treatment?

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