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Male Infertility/Male Fertility

Highlights from June 23, 2010 Creating a Family radio show

Infertility affects both males and females. Our guests to talk about male fertility for those trying to conceive will be Dr. Ash Kshirsagar , a urologist with fellowship training in Male Infertility & Andrology. He practices in Fairfax Virginia where he is the head of male infertility for Potomac Urology and also sees patients at The Genetics & IVF Institute; Dr. Kris Bevilacqua, an infertility therapist that practices with Genesis Fertility & Reproductive Medicine in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York; and Dr. Stephen Lincoln, a board certified reproductive endocrinologist who practices with Genetics & IVF Institute and was featured in Northern Virginia magazine’s February 2010 list of "Top-Rated Doctors."

  • What percentage of infertility is attributed to the male partner?
  • Do men respond to infertility differently than women?
  • Are average sperm counts decreasing in the United States (US)?
  • What are some of the psychological issues for men when diagnosed with male infertility?
  • What are the common causes of male infertility?
  • Do x-rays to the genitals affect male fertility?
  • How often should a couple have sex to increase the odds of getting pregnant?
  • Will having sex too often affect the chances of conceiving?
  • What are doctors looking for in a semen analysis?
  • What is a good sperm count when trying to conceive?
  • What sperm count is too low to conceive naturally?
  • What is sperm motility and what type of motility increases the odds of getting pregnant?
  • What is sperm morphology and how does it affect conception?
  • How effective is artificial insemination (Intrauterine injection-IUI) in achieving a pregnancy when the man is infertile?
  • What are some lifestyle factors that affect male fertility?
  • How can you increase your odds of getting pregnant if you have male factor infertility?
  • Are their vitamins or supplements that are effective at boosting a man’s fertility?
  • Can male infertility cause depression?
  • Do cloth diapers increase the chances of the baby boy developing male infertility?
  • What can a couple do to survive male infertility on an emotional level?

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