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Infertility Support Videos:

There are lots of health related videos, but the ones I list here aren’t designed to educate you on the facts of infertility so much as to sustain you on the painful journey that is infertility. Relief and inspiration are as individual as each of us, so I’ve tried to cover the waterfront of styles while still weeding out all the drivel.

  • What IF by Keiko Koll- Great video. The jumpiness of the filming style can be off-putting, but the message is well worth sticking it out.
  • I Believe- Music video for the infertile struggling to conceive. Great music and wonderful pictures of families formed through infertility treatment. Lyrics: Here we go, incomplete but not alone Both of us together down this long and winding road (and you say) I want to build a perfect circle, make something beautiful to call our own And I believe that there’s a change around the corner And in a world that’s out of order we still have time I believe in the love that’s all around us And as the arms of life surround us it all seems fine I believe… Let the seeds we’ve sown live on forever once they’ve grown. And inside our happy home they will see. There’s a lot of things that we will do, sacrifice anything for you. Promise anything, knowing you? will be. (Chorus) I believe it’s coming our way, that change is coming someday. It’s just a matter of time…
  • When the Rain Comes- This short video focuses on the couple’s relationship during infertility and would be a good one to watch when you are frustrated and tired of the whole D_MN thing. It does not end with a picture of a baby.
  • Infertility Is This video sums up the feelings of infertility perfectly. It can help sustain you on the journey and remind you of how to live in the process. It could also help family and friends understand what you are going through. It does not end with a pregnancy.
  • No Less Than a Woman” by Jamaican R & B artist Lady Saw about her experience with infertility and miscarriages. She is also an adoptive mom. The refrain is “Not having a child don’t make me less a woman, I still got so much love to give…”
  • These videos by Mel a.k.a. Stirrup Queen over at Stirrup Queen and Sperm Palace Jesters are fantastic.
    • Uterninus's Law This is a song with cartoon figures and is quite funny. The chorus is:
      You're screwed no matter what you do ooh ooh ooh
      So drink your coffee
      Enjoy a glass of wine or two
      It's a bumpy walk
      For some to pink and blue
    • What the Gardener Knows
    • This one is my favorite. The title says it all: My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE. It is about all the people in your life that say any variation on the following:
      • If you just stop trying so hard you’ll get pregnant
      • If you adopt, you’ll get pregnant.
      • If you go on vacation, relax, etc….
  • Persistence Pays. Video of woman with PCOS that is ultimately successful with the birth of three children. The philosophy of this video is there’s a reason for everything. At one point she says “if pregnancy is not meant for me, there is another journey for me.” That is reassuring for some, but not all.
  • Nine year journey to parenthood. After multiple IUIs, IVFs, and seven miscarriages, this couple finally succeeded in having a baby. The message of this video is that it’s good to share your pain and this journey with others. She also says to stay connected to your husband and “don’t treat getting pregnant as a science project.”
  • Infertility: Seasons of Hope and Despair This is a collection of still photos showing the emotions of fertility set to music. This type of video doesn’t do much for me, but if you like this, there are tons of them on You Tube. Just look at the suggested videos that pop up on the same page.
  • A Year In The Life of Infertility (Year 4) There are a lot of these still photos set to music videos about infertility and most of them don't do much for me. However, I ran across this video recently and thought it did about as good a job as any summing up a year in infertility treatment. You might laugh, you might cry, but above all, you'll understand. Spoiler: The couple did not get pregnant, so although it's not an uplifting happy ending type video, it is still worth viewing if you're in the midst of this journey.

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