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Creating a Family is founded on the principle that knowledge is power and that children benefit from having parents educated on adoption. Our online adoption education courses are one- hour podcast interviews with professionals knowledgeable on the subject. We offer many online adoption classes on a variety of topics for families preparing to adopt, adoptive families, and adoption professionals. You can listen here or download our training materials for adoption to your iPod or phone. Many adoption agencies and adoption attorneys accept these courses in partial fulfillment of required continuing education for adoption. If your agency needs for you to submit a Certificate of Completion, have them contact us at  We offer certificates of completion at no charge to clients of sponsoring agencies or for a small fee to individuals.


 Attachment  Birth Mother Match
 Domestic Adoption  Evaluating Adoption Risk Factors
 Foster Care Adoption  Hague Aligned Courses
 International Adoption  Open Adoption
 Raising Your Adopted Child  Special Needs Adoptions
 Transitioning Home  Transracial/Transcultural Adoption

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