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2012 Radio Shows

Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility and Adoption

Jan. 4: Adoption Options: What Type of Adoption is Best for You?

What’s the difference between domestic adoption and international adoption and foster care adoption? What are the requirements for each type of adoption? How does the process for each type of adoption differ? How do you know which option is right for you? Join me to talk about domestic infant adoption, domestic foster care adoption, and international adoption. Highlights from this show

Jan. 11: Talking with Your Kids about the Hard Issues with Adoption (Rape, Drugs, Prison, Corruption, Etc.)

Adoption always happens in less than ideal circumstances, but some are harder to tell children than others. Should we tell our children about rape, drug abuse, or physical abuse that may be a part of their birth family's history? How do we explain poverty so extreme that a family is forced to place a child for adoption? How do we handle the possibility of corruption or fraud that happened in their birth country? How should we tell, how much should we tell, and when should we tell? Join our guests Marilyn Rich, District Supervisor and Adoption Social Worker at Adoptions from the Heart with over 15 years of experience in adoption, and Rebecca Hackworth, Director of Social Services Dillon International. Highlights from this show

Jan. 18: Choosing an Egg or Sperm Donor: Medical and Genetic Considerations

What questions should you ask about a possible egg or sperm donors medical history? What type of genetic testing is reasonable to expect? How can you lessen the risk of genetic diseases? Our guests to talk about these issues are Dr. Harvey Stern and Dr. Dan Shapiro. Dr. Stern is the Director of Genetics and the Fetal Diagnostic Center at the Genetics & IVF Institute and is Medical Director of Fairfax Cryobank and of GIVF’s Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) program. Dan Shapiro is the medical director of Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta and one of the founders of MyEggBank, the nation's largest frozen donor egg bank. Highlights from this show

Jan. 25: Clomid, Medicated IUI, or Straight to IVF?

The standard infertility treatment protocol is the try a couple of cycles of medicated artificial inseminations before moving to in vitro fertilization. Is this best way to manage your fertility dollars and still get pregnant? What are the dangers of a medicated IUI cycle? What is the best way to get pregnant? Our guests will be Dr. Alison Zimon, a reproductive endocrinologist at Boston IVF, and Dr. Samantha Pfeifer, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Highlights from this show

Feb. 1: Preparing Children for the Adoption of a Sibling & Integrating Adopted and Biological Kids Post-Adoption

If there are children already in the family, parents need to prepare them for the adoption of a new child. How you approach this preparation depends on the age of your children and the age of the child to be adopted. Our guest today to talk about preparing kids for the adoption of a sibling is Patricia Irwin Johnston, noted speaker and expert on adoption and author of many books on adoption, most specifically the wonderful book, Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families; and Karla Thrasher, Executive Coordinator of International Programs with Lifeline Children’s Services, and China Program Director. Highlights from this show

Feb. 8: Raising and Loving a Child with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Parenting a child with ADHD can be frustrating. How can we help our kids at home and at school. Our guest to talk about ADHD is Dr. Vincent Monastra, a clinical psychologist specializing in ADHD and author of Parenting Children with ADHD: 10 Lesson that Medicine Cannot Teach, published by the American Psychological Association. Highlights from this show

Feb. 15: Understanding Childhood Psychiatric Disorders

One of the hardest things a parent may have to face is a mental illness or psychiatric disorder in their child. It is terrifying both in the present and in the future. How best to diagnose mental illness in children and how best to treat it.  Should psychotropic drugs be used and are psychiatric medicines safe for children.  Our guest is Dr. Joshua Sparrow, child and adolescent psychiatrist, Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of Strategy, Planning and Program Development at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center at Children’s Hospital Boston. He also writes a regular column for the New York Times. Highlights from this show

Feb. 22: Infertility Issues in the African American Community

What are the unique infertility issues facing African Americans and what resources are available to help?  Our guest to discuss this topic will be Dr. Desireé McCarthy-Keith, a reproductive endocrinologist with Georgia Reproductive Specialists and she also has Master of Public Health in maternal and child health; Dr. Camille Hammond, with the Cade Foundation, an organization that works  to increase awareness about infertility and family building solutions in all communities, especially in underserved communities; and Regina Townsend, with the Broken Brown, a support group and information resource on African American reproductive health and infertility. Highlights from this show

Feb. 29: The Refundable Adoption Tax Credit for 2011 and 2012 Taxes

Are you eligible for the refundable adoption tax credit for 2011? What changes are planned for 2012 in this tax credit for adoption? Our guests are Mark McDermott, adoption attorney and adoption tax credit expert; Megan Lindsey, Director of Infant Adoption Training Initiative and Assistant Director of Policy for the National Council For Adoption; and Josh Kroll, the adoption tax credit expert at the North American Council on Adoptable Children. Highlights from this show

Mar. 7: What Adoptive Parents Need to Know about the Primal Wound Theory

The Primal Wound theory has been dividing the adoption world for years. Dr. Marcy Axness, an adoption therapist, adult adoptee, and author of Parenting for Peace, has written eloquently on the topic and is our guest to explain what adoptive parents need to understand about this theory, and how it impacts their children both now and in the future. Highlights from this show

Mar. 21: How the Environment Affects Fertility and Conception

Can your environment affect your fertility? What everyday chemicals, toxins, foods, and products should you avoid when you are pregnant? Join our guest, Dr. Tracey Woodruff, Director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment at the University of California San Francisco to discuss how the environment affects your fertility and pregnancy. Highlights from this show

Mar. 28: Legal and Immigration Issues with Egg/Sperm Donation or Surrogacy Abroad

What are the legal and immigration implications with seeking third party reproduction in another country? Will you be able to get your child home? What must you prove to get your child citizenship?  What are the special concerns of couples from other couples coming to the US for infertility treatments that are not allowed in their home country? Join our guests, Immigration and Reproductive Law Attorney Irene Steffas and Professor of Immigration Law at Mercer University School of Law, Scott Titshaw. Highlights from this show

Apr 3: Developing Attachment in Adoptive Families

Join our guest, the wonderful Deborah Gray, author of two of the seminal books on attachment parenting and bonding in adoption, Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma, and Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today’s Parents. Highlights from this show

Apr 18: Birth Mother Panel: What First Moms Want Adoptive Parents to Know

Members of the Ohio Birthparent Support Group will discuss Difficult Dialogues: The Essential Conversations that Prospective Adoptive Parents MUST Have Before, During and After Placement.  What they wish all current and prospective adoptive parents knew about how birthmothers feel and what they need in the adoption relationship. Highlights from this show

Apr 25: Predicting Success with IVF

What are your odds of getting pregant with In Vitro Fertilization? Should you try another cycle of IVF?  What are your odds of success? Our guests Dr. Mylene Yao, co-founder and CEO of Univfy Inc., a company that develops personalized prognostics for fertility patients and physicians. In her previous role as a National Institute of Health (NIH)-funded assistant professor at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, Dr Yao, together with her scientific collaborator and co-founder Professor Wing Wong, developed deep phenotype profiling as an approach to in vitro fertilization (IVF) prediction modeling. We also have with us Dr. David Seifer, Clinical Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology  at New York University School of Medicine in New York City, Scientific Director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Maimondies Medical Center and Co-Director of Genesis Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in New York City. Highlights from this show

May 2: Legislative & Legal Threats to Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is under attack by various state legislative bills. What can you do to protect your right to treatment, including IVF? What other legislation affects infertility--requirements for insurance to pay for treatment; tax credit for infertility treatment? Join our guests, Barb Collura, Executive Director of Resolve: The National Infertility Association to talk about the threats to infertility treatment and what you can do. Highlights from this show

May 9: Helping Kids Transition from Foster Care to Adoption

Foster care is tough on kids, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy to transition to adoption.  What can you do to make this move easier. Our guests will be Kim Phagan-Hansel, editor of Fostering Families Today magazine and The Foster Parenting Toolbox; and Madeleine Krebs, Clinical Coordinator at the Center for Adoption Support and Education with over 35 years of experience providing psychotherapy for families with foster and adopted children. Highlights from this show


May 16: Feeding Issues and Nutrition in Adoption

What are some of the unique feeding and nutritional issues facing adopted children who may have challenges from not having had enough food, being fed too quickly or with little attention, or food limited in texture, nutrients and variety? Join our guests Dr. Julian Davies, pediatrician at the University of Washington Adoption Medicine Clinic and Dr. Katja Rowell, the Feeding Doctor. Highlights from this show.

May 23: Complimentary Care for Fertility Treatment: Nutrition, Acupuncture, and Counseling

What other care can you use to compliment the traditional fertility treatment. How can nutrition, acupuncture, and counseling help you on your quest of parenthood.  Our guests are Dara Godfrey, a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York in Manhattan. Dara takes a lifestyle-driven approach to support patients reaching their nutritional goals at every stage of infertility treatment and pregnancy. Mark LeWinter is a licensed acupuncturist and a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. He is one of the founding members of Metro Acupuncture in Atlanta, GA. He has been treating women dealing with infertility for over 12 years.  He works in conjunction and support of Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta. And last but not at all least is Helen Adrienne, Licensed Certified Social Worker and certified hypnotherapist, specializing in infertility. She is the author of On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility.  Highlights from this show.

May 30: Finding the Right Infertility Doctor for You

There are over 900 infertility clinics in the US. How do you choose the best clinic for you? What questions should you ask?  How to understand and interpret the CDC infertility clinic statistics? Join me to talk about what steps to take to find a reproductive endocrinologist. Highlights from this show.

Jun. 6: Language Development in Internationally Adopted Children

How do children adopted from abroad acquire the language of their new country and what should parents do to help. When should parents worry?  Join my guest Dr. Sharon Glennen, Professor and Chairperson in the Department of Audiology, Speech Language Pathology and Deaf Studies at Towson University in Maryland. Dr. Glennen researches the complex language learning patterns of children who were internationally adopted. Highlights from this show.

Jun. 20: Lower Cost Infertility Treatment: Does it Work and Is it For You?

IVF can be expensive--very expensive and is often not covered by health insurance. Are their ways to lower the cost of in vitro fertilization? Who should try lower cost IVF? How successful is IVF that cost less? Our guests are Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Joe Massey, with IVF Georgia. Dr. Massey has been a pioneer in improving success with IVF and ICSI and is now a pioneer at improving access through lowering the cost.  We also have with us Dr. Grace Couchman, also a reproductive endocrinologist and cofounder of Carolina Conceptions, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Couchman has twice been selected as one of the "Best Doctors in America". Highlights from this show.

Jun. 27: The Faith Community and Adoption

How can churches and other faith communities encourage adoption and support families post adoption? What role should faith communities play in adoption and orphan care? How can you get your church involved? Join our guests: Jedd Medefind, President of Christian Alliance for Orphans . He has worked, studied and served in more than 30 countries, and is the author of 3 books--most recently, Upended: How Following Jesus Remakes Your Words and Your World"; Lynn Young, who heads up the Adoption Ministry for Saddleback Church, in southern California, And Kim Palmer, who is involved in the ministry at Grace Covenant Church in Charlotte, NC that supports adoptive and foster parents. She and her husband have 5 children: 2 biological, 1 adopted, and 2 foster. Highlights from this show.

Jul. 11: Parenting Transracially Adopted Tweens and Teens

Children don't remain at the adorable footie-pajama stage forever. They grow and the issues they and their parents face change. What are the unique issues facing transracially adopted children between the ages of 10 and 20? Our guests will be Beth Hall, founder and Director of Pact, and Adoption Alliance, co-author of Inside Transracial Adoption, and a mom to two transracially adopted young adults; and Judy Miller, an adoption educator and support specialist, author of the email course, Parenting Your Adopted Child: Tweens, Teens & Beyond, and mom of four through birth and adoption. Highlights from this show.

Jul. 18: Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Our guest to help us understand the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is Dr. Russell A. Barkley, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He is the author of 21 books and manuals, including Your Defiant Child: Eight Steps to Better Behavior and Your Defiant Teen: 10 Steps to Resolve Conflict and Rebuild Your Relationship. Highlights from this show.

Jul. 25: Getting Pregnant with PCOS

Join our guest Dr. Jeanne O’Brien to discuss the latest research in diagnosing and treating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and especially how to get pregnant with PCOS. Dr. O'Brien received her medical degree from the Brown-Dartmouth Medical Program. Completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. In the three years following residency, Dr. O'Brien remained at Northwestern as a Clinical Instructor. She then completed fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Northwestern University and earned a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation. Dr. O'Brien is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and practices at Shady Grove Fertiltiy Center in Maryland. Highlights from this show.

Aug. 1: Medical and Legal Issues with Embryo Donation

What are the medical steps that both donor and recipient families must take with embryo donation? What legal issues must be addressed with this form of family building? Our guests to talk about embryo donation are Dr. Craig Sweet, board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility as well as Obstetrics & Gynecology. He is Medical and Laboratory Director of the Specialists In Reproductive Medicine & Surgery and Embryo Donation International in Fort Myers, Florida, and has been voted the region's top Reproductive Endocrinologist by Gulfshore Life for every year since 2004. We also have reproductive law attorney Stephanie Caballero, also known as the Surrogacy Lawyer. Her practice focuses on surrogacy, embryo donation, and egg and sperm donation, and she brings her own experience with infertility to her practice. Highlights from this show.

Aug. 8: Adoption Grants and Loans

Adoption is a great way to build your family, but it is not always affordable. Adoption grants and loans are available. How and where should you apply for grants to fund your adoption, and what are the pitfalls? Our guests to talk about adoption grants are Cherri Walrod, Founder and Executive Director of Resources 4 Adoption, and Cathleen Miller, Director of Finance & Operations at Brittany’s Hope. Highlights from this show.

Aug. 15: When Adoption Disruption/Dissolution Becomes Inevitable

There are times when an adoption is simply not going to work out. These circumstances are rare and terrifying for the parents and the child. There is little information available to help families navigate the practical issues of what to do when an adoption needs to be dissolved. Our guests to talk about adoption disruptions are Heidi Bruegel Cox, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for The Gladney Center for Adoption, in Fort Worth, Texas, and a fellow in the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and board member of the National Council for Adoption. Susan Branco Alvarado is a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 15 years experience providing mental health psychotherapy services in the Washington DC metro area for adoptive families, adopted persons, and birth/first parents. Highlights from this show.

Aug. 22: Treating Infertility in Younger Women

Infertilty can happen irrespective of age. Does treatment and odds of success differ depending on the woman’s age? Our guest today are Dr. Jim Toner, a reproductive endocrinoliogist with Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine with offices in Atlanta and John's Creek, GA. We also have Dr. Lawrence Werlin, RE and Medical Director of Coastal Fertility Medical Center, in Irvine, California. Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine has been a long time sponsor of Creating a Family and this show and all of our resources are a direct result of their support. Highlights from this show.

Aug. 29: Understanding and Affording Fertility Medications

Fertility medications are expensive so it helps to understand what they are, how to use them, how to get the best price, and how to get your insurance to cover the cost. Our guests to talk about understanding and affording fertility medications are Brian Marquis, Pharmacy Director at Freedom Fertility Pharmacy; Dan McLaughlin, a registered nurse and Case Manager at Freedom Fertiity Pharmacy. Highlights from this show.

Sept. 5: Preparing Children for Adoption

Parents have a long time to prepare for the addition of a child through adoption—sometimes a very very long time. Children to be adopted are often given very short notice of this life altering change. How can parents help prepare their child to be adopted for this change. What is reasonable to ask of orphanage workers, agency personnel and case workers? What works? Our guest are Rhonda Jarema, Director of Support Services with Nightlight Christian Adoptions and mom through adoption of five kids; and Whitney White, International Education Counselor with Lifeline Children’s Services. Highlights from this show.

Sept. 12: Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby's First Year

As the title of this show says, young children pretty much just eat, sleep, and poop, but that doesn't necessarily make the life of a new parent easier. We interviewed pediatrician and new dad, Dr. Scott Cohen, author of . We covered breastfeeding, care of twins, issues of prematurity, when to introduce solid foods, and how to get your child to sleep through the night. Highlights from this show.

Sept. 19: Single Embryo Transfer

Infertility medicine is slowly moving towards encouraging most woman to transfer a single embryo during IVF. Patients are often resistant for fear of reducing their odds of having a family. Our guests will be Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Ron Feinberg with IVF Medical Director at Reproductive Associates of Delaware, and Embryologist, Dr. Michael Tucker with Georgia Reproductive Specialists. Highlights from this show.

Sept. 25: Artificial Insemination & Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

What do you need to know about artificial insemination and Intrauterine insemination (IUI), including home insemination? Our guests are Dr. Mitchell Essig, Medical Director of Cryos International and Mikki Morrissette, founder of, a website for single mothers by choice. Highlights from this show.

Oct. 3: Helping Your Adopted Child Heal from Past Trauma and Loss

Some children come to adoption with the baggage of past loss and trauma, but adoptive and foster parents can help children heal. attachment and bonding can occur after trauma with the right help. Our guest to guide the way is Carol Lozier, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Louisville, Kentucky, with over twenty years’ experience counseling children and families. She specializes in adoption and foster care issues, and is the author of The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide. Highlights from this show.

Oct. 10: Adopting Internationally as an American Living Abroad

Highlights from this show.

Oct. 17: The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Interview with author

Sleep issues plague most new parents. Dr. Harvey Karp has a new book, Happiest Baby on the Block Guide to Sleep. Dr. Karp is a pediatrician, child development specialist, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the USC School of Medicine, and author of the popular Happiest Baby on the Block. Highlights from this show.

Oct. 31: Infertility Issues in the Asia-Pacific Islander Community

What are the unique infertility issues in the Asia-Pacific Islander (API) community? Join our guests Dr. Collin Smikle, Reproductive Endocrinologist, founder and Medical Director of Laurel Fertility Care in San Francisco, Modesto and Fresno; Dr. Juli Fraga, a licensed psychologist in San Francisco, specializing in maternal, reproductive and women's health; Dana Ginn Paredes, Training Director, Forward Together (formerly Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice); and Gail Anderson, founder of Donor Concierge. Highlights from this show.

Nov. 7: Promoting Attachment with Your Child While In Country

International adoptive parents most often first meet their child when they travel to the child’s birth country for the adoption. What can they do to take advantage of this time in country to bond with their child. Our guest are Rachel Lee, a psychologist and director of adoption for Dillon International’s California office and Michelle Moreau, a social worker and Post Placement Coordinator & Program Support for Hopscotch Adoptions. Highlights from this show.

Nov. 14: Practical Guide to Raising Kids with FASD or Drug Exposure

Who better to talk about raising children who have been exposed in utero to drugs and alcohol than a panel of mothers who are doing just that. What works, what doesn’t? What is life really like as a parent of a child with FASD? Highlights from this show.

Nov. 21: Coping With Depression While Pregnant

Several new studies have been released on how to treat depression in pregnant women and question the advisability of using antidepressants. What should women who are taking antidepressants do if they want to become pregnant? What about the woman who are suffering from the depressing disease of infertility? Two of the researchers will be our guest to walk us through the risks and options: Dr. Adam Urato, with Tufts Medical Center and Dr. Alice Domar, Executive Director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF, an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School, and a senior staff psychologist in the department of ob/gyn at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Highlights from this show.

Nov. 28: Can Diet Affect IVF Success?

Can what you eat affect the success of infertility treatment? What should you eat and what should you avoid. What to include in your diet. Our guest will be Dr. Jeffrey Russell, Director of the Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine and lead researcher on some of these cutting edge studies. Highlights from this show.

Dec. 5: Evaluating Special Needs to See Which One is a Good Fit

The world of special needs adoption can be confusing. Getting good reliable information on what might be involved with parenting a child with different medical, emotional, or physical issues is hard to find. Our guest is Dr. Mary Staat, Director, International Adoption Center at Cincinnati’s Children’s Medical Center, for a detailed "walk through" the most common special needs. Highlights from this show.

Dec. 12: Moving from Infertilty Treatment to Adoption

Many patients at some point decide that it is time to consider other options other than fertility treatment. The transition from treatment to adoption can be rough if patients are not prepared. Our guests to help with this preparation are Stella Gilgur-Cook, LCSW, and Assistant Director of Outreach Spence-Chapin Services to Families & Children; and Pat Irwin Johnson, author of Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families. Highlights from this show.

Dec. 19: Preserving Fertility With Cancer: Should you? Can you? How to pay for it?

The diagnosis of cancer is terrifying. Amidst all the chaos, you need to think of your future fertility. Will you be left infertile? is there something you can do to perserve your option to get pregnant and have a biological child? Is it safe? What should you do? How to afford it? Our guests are Dr. Tessa Cigler, an oncologist at Cornell Medical Center and a Board member and Executive Committee member of the Alliance for Fertility Preservation. We also have Alice Crisci, founder of Fertile Action, a nonprofit with the mission of ensuring that fertile women touched by cancer have the option to preserve their fertility prior to treatment, cancer survivor, and author of Too Young for This. Highlights from this show.
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Creating a Family and in particular your radio show has been a lifeline to me over the past 2+ years. In the privacy of my home/car I have been connected with others whose family-building has been challenged and I have had access to invaluable information from experts that have helped us make better decisions. Thank you! ~ S. Potter

Creating a Family was such a great resource for me throughout the adoption, I remember even blogging about it the first time I discovered the radio show because I was so excited! I continue to benefit from your the shows even now, one year post adoption. Thank you for the good and important work you are doing. ~ A. Oliver

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this resource, I just recently found it and I just happened to stumble upon it doing a google search.  It has been hugely helpful!!!! We've been looking into foster care and adoption and listening to the various radio shows relating to those topics have really helped us know what to do and what to expect..more  ~J. Joy

I just wanted to stop in and say a quick thank you for all the support and information you provide the adoption/infertility community... I also am a "research junkie", and your blogs & podcasts have been an invaluable source for us on our journey to grow our family. more ~ E. Meyer

I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful things you do. We brought our beautiful baby boy home from the hospital on April 2nd. While we waited for an adoption match and then waited for his birth, your podcast and website were a continuous reminder that we were part of an amazing adoption community. It really helped us not feel alone.  ~Sarah S.

I listen to your radio shows daily on my iPod while cleaning, exercising, driving etc. I've learned so much from it, that today in the foster- adopt support group I felt like an all knowing expert, despite the fact, that I have zero experience in the field. Thank you for a wonderful resource! I am spreading the word. ~G. Longley

Thank you so much for your radio show! I was just listening to it, and it's very informative. My husband and I are in the process of adoption, so we read a lot to be able to make informed decisions. Your website is a great resource for us! ~N.M.W.

“I learned more from this show than from two Reproductive Endocrinologist and all my own research. I appreciate the professionals you have on your show.” ~ L. Upton

I LOVE your show, it's the most helpful, unbiased information I’ve found about infertility and adoption and I'm so thankful for you and your organization. Keep up the fantastic work, you are changing lives. ~ Amanda

So I would like to introduce to you....Z. V.. She is now 11 weeks old. She came from a lovely perfect little frozen embryo, from our 4th round of IVF (2 fresh cycles and 2 FET)...more  ~A. Houston

I'm just writing to say that I've downloaded another bunch of your podcasts onto my iPhone and while I listen to them on my daily commute I silently
thank you for doing such a good job and conducting such brilliant interviews!!!...
more   ~G. Marino

Although you don't know us from Adam, I wanted to drop a line and thank you for the amazing info, sound advice, and encouragement you offer to adoptive and prospective adoptive parents.  We just received our pre-approval for our daughter, W, from China!  You (in book, website, blog, and podcast form) have been there every step of the way in this journey.  ~ J. & C. Morningstar

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love your show. I recently got an iPhone and have been listening to them on iTunes. Your "What Adopted Teens Want Their Parents to Know" session was amazing!!!          ~A. Watson

My husband and I are parents through adoption to THE three most incredible children in the world. All via newborn domestic transracial.  I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from your web site.  I often refer potential adoptive parents who ask me for advice to your site. I especially enjoy your radio shows and today’s show on "Knowing When to Move from Infertility to Adoption" particularly resonated with me. ~N. Ferrari

I have loved, loved this radio show. It has been hands down the most helpful resource on this often painful and confusing journey. ~ R. Butler

I have been listening to lots of your radio shows of late. Great guests and very enlightening always. Thanks so much for keeping us up with the latest.  ~ W. & M. Welch

I just wanted you to know what a tremendous resource and blessing your podcasts have been to my wife and I as we prepare to travel early next month to pick up our new 17 month old son from Colombia...more
~ M. & L. Oakes

I just wanted to share my story since Creating a Family pod casts were so helpful to me when I was infertile. It really helped knowing I wasn't alone and could get the most updated information on my condition. I am almost 32 years old and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 long years...more ~ J. Mendenhall


You are the REAL DEAL—Thank you for your guidance, radio show, information, knowledge, resources, care & wisdom to know what is needed when.     ~ S. Miller 

We are awaiting the arrival of our child from Ethiopia. I recently took a road trip and downloaded 9 hours of the Creating a Family podcasts and listened to them all. I learned so much. Thanks.        ~J. Madine 

Just home from adopting our son in Colombia. He and we are doing great. Your site and especially podcasts were a tremendous resource to us personally, as well as for a reason we didn't ever expect...more  

~ M. and L. Oakes




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