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Understanding Childhood Psychiatric Disorders

Highlights from February 15, 2012 Creating a Family radio show

One of the hardest things a parent may have to face is a mental illness or psychiatric disorder in their child. It is terrifying both in the present and in the future. How best to diagnose mental illness in children and how best to treat it? Should psychotropic drugs be used and are psychiatric medicines safe for children? Our guest is Dr. Joshua Sparrow, child and adolescent psychiatrist, Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of Strategy, Planning and Program Development at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center at Children’s Hospital Boston. He also writes a regular column for the New York Times.

  • Resource written by Dr. Sparrow and available online: The Medicated Child: A Guide for Parents
  • How can you tell if your child is just going through a hard time or a developmental stage or if your child is suffering from some type of mental illness or disorder which requires more intervention? In other words, when should you worry?
  • What are the symptoms or warning signs of some of the more common mental illnesses that can be seen in children?
  • What can be the causes for a child who acts out and cannot control his anger?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a specific diagnosis for your child?
  • Are there certain ages that a child is more likely to be diagnosed of referred to a specialist for suspected mental disorders?
  • How is bi polar disorder diagnosed in children?
  • Can bi-polar be diagnosed with any degree of reliability?
  • Should a child be diagnosed with bi polar disease?
  • Must a child be diagnosed with a psychiatric condition in order to receive services or be helped?
  • What steps should parents take to get a proper diagnosis for mental disorders?
  • What are the dangers of early diagnosing of a child, or maybe the better way to ask this is there a downside to having a mental illness label in a young child’s school and medical records?
  • Many in our audience will have children who were adopted and they know little about the prenatal habits of the birthmother and sometimes little information about the child’s early life experiences. Sometimes a logical reaction to a lousy life experience is to develop behaviors that might have served you well in the dysfunctional place you came from but are not healthy in a new family setting. Or, a child may struggle with sensory overload having come from a very sensory deprived background. Or struggle with trust and attachment issues. Is it possible to tease out these conditions vs. actual mental illness? Attachment disorders, RAD, fetal alcohol disorders, FASD, sensory processing disorders, SPD, oppositional defiant disorder, ODD.
  • Using psychiatric medication on children is a controversial topic. What types of psychiatric disorders in children respond well to medication?
  • Is it possible to say what are the more common psychotropic drugs being prescribed or kids?
  • How do you know the best dose to use?
  • How do these meds work?
  • What are the side effects of the more common pediatric psychiatric medications?
  • What are the risks of medicating a developing mind?
  • Are there ways to ameliorate or lessen these side effects from psychotropic drugs in children?
  • Can a child outgrow a psychiatric disorder or once diagnosed they will likely have it for life?
  • How do growth spurts or puberty affect children with psychiatric issues and how does it affect their medication is they are taking any?

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Creating a Family and in particular your radio show has been a lifeline to me over the past 2+ years. In the privacy of my home/car I have been connected with others whose family-building has been challenged and I have had access to invaluable information from experts that have helped us make better decisions. Thank you! ~ S. Potter

Creating a Family was such a great resource for me throughout the adoption, I remember even blogging about it the first time I discovered the radio show because I was so excited! I continue to benefit from your the shows even now, one year post adoption. Thank you for the good and important work you are doing. ~ A. Oliver

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this resource, I just recently found it and I just happened to stumble upon it doing a google search.  It has been hugely helpful!!!! We've been looking into foster care and adoption and listening to the various radio shows relating to those topics have really helped us know what to do and what to expect..more  ~J. Joy

I just wanted to stop in and say a quick thank you for all the support and information you provide the adoption/infertility community... I also am a "research junkie", and your blogs & podcasts have been an invaluable source for us on our journey to grow our family. more ~ E. Meyer

I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful things you do. We brought our beautiful baby boy home from the hospital on April 2nd. While we waited for an adoption match and then waited for his birth, your podcast and website were a continuous reminder that we were part of an amazing adoption community. It really helped us not feel alone.  ~Sarah S.

I listen to your radio shows daily on my iPod while cleaning, exercising, driving etc. I've learned so much from it, that today in the foster- adopt support group I felt like an all knowing expert, despite the fact, that I have zero experience in the field. Thank you for a wonderful resource! I am spreading the word. ~G. Longley

Thank you so much for your radio show! I was just listening to it, and it's very informative. My husband and I are in the process of adoption, so we read a lot to be able to make informed decisions. Your website is a great resource for us! ~N.M.W.

“I learned more from this show than from two Reproductive Endocrinologist and all my own research. I appreciate the professionals you have on your show.” ~ L. Upton

I LOVE your show, it's the most helpful, unbiased information I’ve found about infertility and adoption and I'm so thankful for you and your organization. Keep up the fantastic work, you are changing lives. ~ Amanda

So I would like to introduce to you....Z. V.. She is now 11 weeks old. She came from a lovely perfect little frozen embryo, from our 4th round of IVF (2 fresh cycles and 2 FET)...more  ~A. Houston

I'm just writing to say that I've downloaded another bunch of your podcasts onto my iPhone and while I listen to them on my daily commute I silently
thank you for doing such a good job and conducting such brilliant interviews!!!...
more   ~G. Marino

Although you don't know us from Adam, I wanted to drop a line and thank you for the amazing info, sound advice, and encouragement you offer to adoptive and prospective adoptive parents.  We just received our pre-approval for our daughter, W, from China!  You (in book, website, blog, and podcast form) have been there every step of the way in this journey.  ~ J. & C. Morningstar

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love your show. I recently got an iPhone and have been listening to them on iTunes. Your "What Adopted Teens Want Their Parents to Know" session was amazing!!!          ~A. Watson

My husband and I are parents through adoption to THE three most incredible children in the world. All via newborn domestic transracial.  I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from your web site.  I often refer potential adoptive parents who ask me for advice to your site. I especially enjoy your radio shows and today’s show on "Knowing When to Move from Infertility to Adoption" particularly resonated with me. ~N. Ferrari

I have loved, loved this radio show. It has been hands down the most helpful resource on this often painful and confusing journey. ~ R. Butler

I have been listening to lots of your radio shows of late. Great guests and very enlightening always. Thanks so much for keeping us up with the latest.  ~ W. & M. Welch

I just wanted you to know what a tremendous resource and blessing your podcasts have been to my wife and I as we prepare to travel early next month to pick up our new 17 month old son from Colombia...more
~ M. & L. Oakes

I just wanted to share my story since Creating a Family pod casts were so helpful to me when I was infertile. It really helped knowing I wasn't alone and could get the most updated information on my condition. I am almost 32 years old and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 long years...more ~ J. Mendenhall


You are the REAL DEAL—Thank you for your guidance, radio show, information, knowledge, resources, care & wisdom to know what is needed when.     ~ S. Miller 

We are awaiting the arrival of our child from Ethiopia. I recently took a road trip and downloaded 9 hours of the Creating a Family podcasts and listened to them all. I learned so much. Thanks.        ~J. Madine 

Just home from adopting our son in Colombia. He and we are doing great. Your site and especially podcasts were a tremendous resource to us personally, as well as for a reason we didn't ever expect...more  

~ M. and L. Oakes




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