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Dr. Mark Evans - Comprehensive Genetics 
Name of Service Provider: Dr. Mark Evans - Comprehensive Genetics
Location: New York
Service offered: Selective Reduction, High Risk Obstetrics, Genetic Counseling and Screening, Fetal Reduction, CVS, fetal tissue sampling procedure, amniocentesis, fetal therapeutic procedures

Name of Service Provider: 

Comprehensive Genetics
Dr. Mark I. Evans, MD PLLC


Email address:

Telephone #:(212) 744 2590

Locations: NY, New York

Services Offered: CVS, fetal reduction, fetal tissue sampling procedures, amniocentesis, and fetal therapeutic procedures

Additional Information:

Comprehensive Genetics/Mark I. Evans, MD PLLC provides a comprehensive package of state-of-the-art and ground-breaking reproductive genetics services and has one of the most experienced teams available for prenatal screening, diagnosis and therapy.

For over 20 years, Dr. Evans and associates have developed, perfected, and delivered a large number of new prenatal procedures for women concerned about the health of their developing fetus. We routinely see patients from all over the United States and abroad who are referred to us because we have among the world's most expertise at a number of highly specialized procedures such as CVS, fetal reduction, fetal tissue sampling procedures, amniocentesis, and fetal therapeutic procedures. Using molecular technologies, we are able to provide literally next day results for certain diagnoses such as Down Syndrome. We also collaborate with some of the most specialized experts in their areas of world-wide expertise to offer our patients leading edge care as appropriate to their specific situations.
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