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Stephanie M. Caballero, Attorney 
Name of Service Provider: Stephanie M. Caballero, Attorney
Programs : Legal Services
Locations: California
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Name of Service Provider:  Stephanie M. Caballero, Attorney

Telephone #:  (760) 798-2265

Locations:  San Marcos, CA


Twitter: surrogacylawyer

Blog: Surrogacy Lawyer


The Law Offices of Stephanie M. Caballero are dedicated to helping you start your family using surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation and adoption.
Stephanie M. Caballero has 8 years of infertility treatment experience having endured more than 10 artificial insemination procedures, three surgeries, three miscarriages, and 13 IVF procedures to finally realize her dream when her cousin carried her twins. Stephanie also had to adopt her twins because the state where they were born did not recognize surrogacy.


Stephanie M. Caballero provides comprehensive legal and counseling services to couples using assisted reproduction and adoption. Each client is ensured of receiving personalized attention, support and counseling. Some of the services we provide to assist our clients include counseling couples, surrogates and egg donors on the state of the law with respect to the different reproduction methods available; drafting of contract(s) between the couple and their surrogate and/or egg donor; and assisting couples in finalizing their parental rights; assist the adopting families in prepraring all documents necessary. 

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