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Reproductive Biology Associates 
Name of Service Provider: Reproductive Biology Associates
Location: Georgia
Service offered: IVF, ICSI, Financing, Bundle Plan - Multiple cycles for price of one, Donor egg, Egg freezing, Genetic Counseling and Screening, Infertility Counseling

Name of Service Provider: Reproductive Biology Associates


Telephone #: 1-404-257-1900

Locations: Atlanta Main Office (Sandy Springs), 
Atlanta (Piedmont Campus), 
Albany, Marietta

Facebook: Reproductive Biology Associates

Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) was established in 1983 in order to provide emerging reproductive technology to patients who had not achieved pregnancy through conventional diagnostic and therapeutic measures. From the very beginning, RBA has been a leader in the development and refinement of clinical procedures and scientific techniques, which enhance pregnancy outcomes.

The services offered through RBA include:
    •    Comprehensive infertility evaluation and work-up
    •    Ovulation induction with fertility medications
    •    Intrauterine insemination
    •    Donor sperm insemination
    •    Evaluation and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss
    •    In vitro fertilization
    •    In-house Urologist
    •    In-house Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
    •    In-house Genetic Counselor
    •    Fertility preservation services for cancer patients and women up to age 38.
    •    Frozen donor egg bank for recipients

Some of the common surgical procedures offered include:
    •    Laparoscopy
    •    Hysteroscopy
    •    Myomectomy
    •    Tubal reversal
    •    Vasectomy reversal
    •    Varicocele ligation
    •    Vasal reconstruction

Many couples trying to conceive have both male and female-related causes for their infertility. In order to care for these couples in a proficient manner, the RBA staff includes a urologist/male infertility specialist who provides treatment and evaluation for complex male-related reproductive problems.

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