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Great Wall China Adoption 
Name of Service Provider: Great Wall China Adoption
Programs : China, China- Special Need, Homestudies
Locations: Texas
No of years in business: > 15 years
Humanitarian aid programs: China
Agency profile:

Name of Service Provider: Great Wall China Adoption


Email address:

Telephone #: (888) 493-2645

Locations: Austin, TX

Facebook: Children of All Nations / Great Wall China Adoption

Twitter: CAN/GW

Blog: The Great Wall Adoption Blog

Webinars: Adoption Info Webinars


Adoption Services Offered: 

Great Wall China Adoption’s social workers provide home study, home study updates, and post adoption services to all Texas and Florida families who are adopting internationally or domestically. Regardless of whether you use Great Wall China Adoption as your agency, we can help you complete a home study and/or post adoption services.


Additional Information:

Great Wall China Adoption is a purpose-driven organization, dedicated to impeccable customer service and attention to detail. Families choose our organization because of our many years of experience, dedicated team, one-on-one personal service, dedicated in-country teams focused on individual families from arrival to their return home, and our competitive pricing. We work hard to make sure our customer focus and your family is our first and most important priority.

By comparing our services and experience, you’ll notice the key differences between Great Wall China Adoption and other adoption service companies. This is what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Great Wall works directly with China, and we communicate with the Chinese government daily. We are the first to receive information from China, and the first to inform our families. Our expertise is the result of years of experience with China’s adoption program.
  • Snow Wu, President & CEO of Great Wall, was born and raised in China. Snow is not only an active leader of Great Wall, she is also a leader in Chinese adoption. She travels to Washington D.C. and China several times a year to work with both the US and Chinese governments.
  • We have offices in China located near the CCCWA in Beijing, which is in daily contact with Chinese government on behalf of our families.
  • Our Waiting Child program places hundreds of children annually with loving, forever families. Families with an LID can move to our Waiting Child program and LID Edge or Special Focus track to facilitate their adoption whenever they wish.
  • Great Wall has various service plan options, allowing families to make choices about their own adoption experience. The ability to make these choices allows families to modify their adoption experience based upon their unique needs.
  • Our Dragon Dossier Service is a full dossier (adoption paperwork) preparation service. Parents who use this program benefit from the advantages of having a Dossier Specialist complete their paperwork, giving them more time to devote to family, career and an active lifestyle.
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