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Law Office of Catherine Tucker 
Name of Service Provider: Law Office of Catherine Tucker
Location: New Hampshire
Service offered: Legal services

Name of Service Provider: Law Office of Catherine Tucker

Telephone #: 877-897-8540

Locations: Concord, NH





The Law Office of Catherine Tucker handles all aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology Law, including issues related to artificial insemination; in vitro fertilization; egg, sperm and embryo donation; paternity; maternity; gestational carrier/surrogacy arrangements; birth certificates; same-sex parentage; second parent adoptions; frozen embryos; posthumous reproduction; insurance coverage; informed consent; and employment practices relative to fertility treatments.

The firm offers a full range of fertility law related representation for intended parents, donors and carriers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We can prepare all the necessary paperwork to document the intention of all the parties to a donor or gestational carrier/surrogacy arrangements. We can also handle the necessary court proceedings to confirm legal parentage with the intended parents, whether through a pre-birth order, second parent adoption or other court proceeding.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Law is an extremely complex area of the law that involves the intersection of many different legal concepts, including Maternity, Paternity, Contracts, Choice of Law, Equal Protection and, sometimes, Adoption. If you are considering entering into a third party reproduction arrangement, we encourage you to speak with an attorney familiar with this unique area of law at the begining of the process to ensure that your rights are protected.


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