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MLJ Adoptions, Inc. 
Name of Service Provider: MLJ Adoptions, Inc.
Programs : Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Congo, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Samoa
Locations: Indiana
No of years in business: 6-10 years
No of adoptions last year: 75-100
Agency profile:

Name of Service Provider: MLJ Adoptions, Inc.


Email address:

Telephone #: (317) 875-0058

Locations: Indianapolis, IN

Facebook: MLJ Adoptions, Inc.

Twitter: MLJ Adoptions


Services Offered: We have adoption programs in Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Congo, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Samoa, and Ukraine. Special Needs children are available from all countries from which we provide program services. We also offer home study, adoption preparation education, adoption document assistance and readoption legal services for all countries. We continue to research and develop adoption programs in new countries as well.

Additional Information:

MLJ Adoptions is a Hague-Approved International Adoption Agency based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide ethical, compassionate and attentive adoption services to loving and committed families from across the United States and around the world. We’ve successfully placed over two hundred and fifty children through our international adoption programs. The international adoption process is complex and requires expertise in a variety of specialized areas. The MLJ Adoptions team consists of a diverse group of professionals with a combined fifty-five years of experience in all facets of international adoption. Our team includes three attorneys with over twenty years of experience in the four areas of adoption law (state, federal, foreign, and international), three social workers specializing in providing the education and support adoptive parents require, and an all-star support staff dedicated to meeting client needs. 


The MLJ Adoptions team passionately believes that every child deserves a loving and permanent family, including older children and children with special needs. MLJ Adoptions’ Special Needs Program connects these children with loving adoptive families willing to meet the needs of these special children. Our Social Services team is committed to fully preparing parents with research-based education and direct support to ensure that our children are placed with families who are equipped and empowered to parent them successfully. We continue to provide compassionate, lifelong services after placement to ensure that our families continue to thrive. For Indiana families we can complete home studies, post adoption reports and readoption. We provide one-on-one counseling, family counseling and support groups for all families or individuals touched by adoption. Our team’s passion for adoption is not only professional, but also personal, with a number of MLJ Adoptions’ staff members having chosen to grow their families through the joy of adoption. The team at MLJ Adoptions has the education and experience to provide unwavering support to adoptive families before, during and after adoption.


It is our goal to find loving homes for orphans, and we truly believe in what we do. We have personally spent time with the orphans and in orphanages in the foreign countries where we have programs, as well as others in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. We know the joy and happiness that adoption brings to an orphan and to the adoptive family. We also know the peace adoption can bring to a mother that has chosen another family to parent her child. We believe the adoption process is amazing and is a blessing to all involved. It is our privilege to join you on your adoption journey.



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