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Coastal Fertility Medical Center 
Name of Service Provider: Coastal Fertility Medical Center
Location: California
Service offered: IVF, ICSI, Financing, Donor egg, Surrogacy, Embryology lab onsite, Embryo cryopreservation, Egg freezing, Genetic Counseling and Screening, Fertility Evaluation
Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology: Yes
Member of ASRM and SART: Yes

Name of Service Provider: Coastal Fertility Medical Center

Telephone #: (949) 726-0600

Location: Irvine, CA 


Newsletter: Coastal Fertility Gazette 


Coastal Fertility Medical Center has been Orange County’s leading provider of Reproductive care to Infertility patients in Orange County since 1982. Coastal Fertility and it’s dedicated staff are widely recognized for their compassion, as well as their special attention to the individual needs of their patients.

It is the mission of Coastal Fertility Medical Center to provide the highest quality Reproductive services available, with maximum attention paid to compassionate patient care.

Our state-of-the-art medical offices, IVF laboratory, and ambulatory surgery center house the newest, most sophisticated equipment available today.

Whether you are just beginning treatment, or if you require the advanced technologies, such as IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst Transfer, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), or Donor Eggs, you can be confident that Coastal Fertility Medical Center has the years of experience and the history of success you can depend on to help you realize your dreams of having a baby.

At Coastal Fertility Medical Center we have remained true to our philosophy of providing cutting edge medical care in an environment that supports each couple individually.

We offer full services ranging from basic infertility testing and diagnosis, ovulation induction and inseminations, to the cornerstone of the practice… the IVF program.

Today, Coastal Fertility Medical Center is the most established Fertility program in Orange County. Our medical team is among the best in the field. These dedicated specialists share a passion for their profession that has resulted in outstanding pregnancy rates for the past 27 years. Working together, this group of physicians, embryologists, and nurses, are able to identify and overcome even the most complex Infertility issues.

Dr. Werlin pioneered the use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Southern California, and is considered a nationally noted expert in its application. He was the principal investigator of three major PGD studies that are forging the way for the future of reproductive medicine.

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