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Holt International Children's Services 
Name of Service Provider: Holt International Children's Services
Programs : China, China- Special Need, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam
Locations: California, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington
No of years in business: > 15 years
Agency profile:

Name of Service Provider: Holt International Children's Services


Email address: 

Telephone #: (541) 687-2202 / 1-888-355-HOLT (4658)

Locations: Oregon, SW Washington, California, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania






Online Magazine:

Pre Adoption Services Offered: Home Study Services, Adoption Education

Post Adoption Services Offered: Search Services, Confidential Intermediary Services, Documentation Services, Assessment/Crisis Intervention/Referral Services, Independent Travel Services, Adoptee Camp, Heritage Tours,

Additional Information:

The love we experience as children enables us to thrive. It fuels us. Molds us. Nurtures our developing minds.

At Holt International, we help orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children to thrive by finding families to love them. Families in the form of trained caretakers who assume the awesome task of nurturing children awaiting adoption.

And the adoptive families who will love and nurture children… forever.

Moved by faith and a firm belief that all children deserve permanent, loving homes, Harry and Bertha Holt began their lifelong mission in 1955. Overcoming legal and cultural barriers, they sought families for children orphaned by the Korean War.

With this act of love, two farmers from rural Oregon revolutionized international adoption.

Today, Holt International strives to uphold their vision: to find loving homes for children regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

Our Mission:

Holt International is a Christian organization committed to expressing God’s compassion for children.  While always  upholding the highest ethical standards, we:

  • Find and support permanent, loving families for children who are orphaned, abandoned or at serious risk of separation from their family
  • Provide services to ensure that children will grow and develop to their fullest potential
  • Lead the global community in advocating on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children

Our work is their legacy.

Established overseas for more than five decades, Holt is the model for international adoption. World leaders seek our expertise. Child welfare organizations embrace our partnership. We helped formulate the Hague Convention, an international treaty that sets ethical standards of practice for adoption. And through innovation, determination and collaboration, we continue to raise the standard of care provided to homeless and at-risk children throughout the world.

Though we've grown, our ideals remain constant. We still believe the best care comes from a loving family – the right family. Each child has a story. Each child's circumstances are unique. Thus we always explore the possibility of reuniting Holt children with their birth families.

We have one goal: to give all children the love they need and deserve. Whether by birth or by adoption – to a domestic family or a family in the United States – this is our passion. This is our purpose.

To adoptive parents, we offer this assurance: international adoption was the best solution for your child.



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